The Super Bowl Ads

Watching the Super Bowl ads is as much a tradition as the game itself. During this year’s contest, a few interesting trends emerged. There were commercials focusing on what it means to “be a man” as well as a couple of ads with too many tighty-whiteys (don’t worry, we’ll explain). A slew of big names like Coca-Cola, Budweiser, and Doritos all brought their A-game, but some of the lesser-known brands were buzzier…

Old Celebs Bring the Thunder

Move over, Budweiser. Snickers may have had the buzziest commercial of the day. Betty White, the former “Golden Girl,” plays a game of football and gets slammed to the ground for comedic effect. “Dude,” a player moans, “you’re playing like Betty White!” The lesson: If you don’t want to play like a geriatric Golden Girl, have a Snickers. Check out the clip below…

Doritos Lays the Smack Down

Doritos aired a slew of ads during the big game. The one that stood out starred a little boy who didn’t like the idea of a new suitor hitting on his mom. “These are the rules,” the kid says. “Keep your hands off my mama, and keep your hands off my Doritos.”

CareerBuilder and Dockers

Pants?! We don’t need no stinkin’ pants! Back-to-back commercials pushed the anti-pants agenda. The first, for, featured a new employee surrounded by co-workers who take “casual Fridays” a bit too literally. The second, for Dockers, had a group of underwear-clad men singing about their missing slacks. For those who didn’t think anybody wore tighty-whiteys any more, we present two commercials that offer disturbing proof to the contrary…

Dove, Dodge, and FloTV

So you think you’re a man? Well, think again, buddy, because the folks at Dove, Dodge, and FloTv might disagree. The three companies each aired ads with an “attack on manliness.” Dodge’s ad, for its macho Charger car, featured a voice-over of a man agreeing to all the indignities that come with long-term relationships. But, the ad contends, men draw the line when it comes to their cars.

You’re a guy and you’ve been using “regular” Dove? For shame, sir! Fortunately, you’re not a lost cause. Now you can be a stud and use “Dove for Men.” The ad had a catchy tune about going from boyhood to manhood, and how “Dove for Men” can help you along the way. Clip below…

FloTV, which lets you stream shows (and manly sports like football), took aim at “spineless” guys who hold their girlfriends’ purses and get dragged around in the mall, when they could be watching football. Jim Nantz narrates the ad, the third (by our count) that aims to inspire the dudes to be more dude-ish.

Super Bowl Shuffle 2.0

Longtime NFL fans remember the Super Bowl Shuffle from 1985. The ’85 Chicago Bears, including Jim McMahon, rapped and danced to an original tune. It was painful to watch, but darn if it wasn’t catchy. Now, 25 years later, some ex-Bears returned to the stage to perform a new version of their inexplicable hit for Boost Mobile. In the ad, McMahon raps about his cheetah print thong, rides in a wheelchair, and gets a spray-on tan. Somebody get this guy a Dodge, some Dove for Men, and new Flo, stat.

Tim Tebow’s Focus on the Family

Much ado about nothing. That’s the best way to sum up the Focus on the Family ad starring Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. The ad had been the subject of much controversy in the weeks leading up to big game. Would it have a strong antiabortion angle? Well, not really. The ad featured Mr. Tebow and his mom discussing how he was a difficult birth and a “miracle baby,” but, of course, the mom is just thrilled with the way things turned out. At the end of the ad, a message appears suggesting people check out Focus on the Family’s official site for more information. You can check out the clip below…

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