The iPad: A Cat’s Perspective

The recently released iPad is, in the words of Apple cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs, a “magical and revolutionary product.” That may be true from the human perspective, but how does the feline species feel about the touch-screen device?

One cat owner aimed to find out. He placed his iPad in front his cat, Iggy, to see just how user-friendly the device really is. Watch below for the results…

As you can see, Iggy finds the device quite user-friendly. Not shy about diving in with paws first, the curious cat especially enjoys creating music on the iPad’s piano.  If only it came with a yarn app…

Cats dig it, but what about their arch rivals: dogs? Here’s a video that shows Chloe the canine’s experience with the tablet. Chloe, after some initial paw-padding, backs away and barks at Steve Jobs’ wonder-product. She must be more of a PC pooch.

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