Can U Help Me

Umm Why, Umm Why Living on the edge out of controlAnd the world just wont let me slow downBut in my biggest picture was a photo of you and meGirl you know I tired our content provide all the material things I thought that would make you happyI’m confuse can you make me understandCause I […]

Can U Get Wit It

Every time I look at uThere’s so many thing that I want to doI promise u when I’m readyI’m gonna spend my whole life with u What is love is it steadyCause I don’t know what to doTell me girl if you’re readyTo do what we came to do One day we could be togetherCause […]

I Will

I’ll pay a penny for your thoughtsA nickel for your kiss, you know that I willI’ll pay a penny for your thoughts, yes I willA nickel for your kiss, you know that I will (listen) Listen honey baby, there’s something that I’veGotta make clearYou may have had other lovers in your lifeThat can’t compare to […]

Smile Again

Oh ooh yeah ah oh yeahLa La La La La La LaSmile again Just smile againI’ll always be there for youWhat can I do to make you smile againJust smile again I’d like to know what’s on your mindBecause I see you crying all the timeI don’t understandWho’d wanna hurt your heart like this andCause […]

Hottest Thing

I’ve been looking at youTurning brothers downSome got their songWell its time for me to holla now(Your body is calling, don’t fight it)Ooh I like it You’re dancing all aloneWhat’s that all about?You’re so fineBut it’s time for me to call you out(Watch out, I’ll straight run up on ya)Girl I want ya You’re the […]

Come Back

Ooh, Ohh, hey…Na,Na,Na,Na,NaWhat Ya’ll wanna doWhat all wanna do (tell me) (JD’s RAP) See around hereWe’re just too muchWe could slow it down and ya still couldn’tCatch usMy townFull of heavy hitters,Bread getterReal fly unforgettable type niggasSee all I do is keep hittin’ em upGetting’ em upShakin’ ya butNigga, whatLil LiberaciCan’t nobody stop meAlways’s makin’ […]

Pop Ya Collar

Hello everybody, huh Welcome today to the wonderful world of…you, he-heh Now check it, you have two options You can eat it or throw it away, heh See its a shame when you’re working on doing well People hate you yeah Buying nothing that’s not the best for yourself Then they really hate you yeah […]

Slow Love

Get em up get em up get em upCome on come onCome and get some of thisYeah baby come onCome and get some of this slow loveLet’s get it onCome and get some of thisYeah baby you readyCome and get some of this slow love Lay back and relaxI’ve got the loveYou’ve been searchin’ forAin’t […]