Gutter 2 The Fancy Ish

ft. Busta Rhymes [Busta] Busta Rhymes and Angie Mar-ti-nez Sippin on mar-tinis Check it out now, check it out now, c’mon, c’mon [Chorus: Busta Rhymes] Now let’s take it from the gutter to the fancy shit, c’mon Make you really wanna do the nasty shit, c’mon Bounce all night and wave ya hands and shit […]


[Angie Martinez]Yo, yo, yo, uhh, uhh, yo, yo, whoo whoo whoo whoo, yo, uhh, hey!Sometimes you gotta, catch yo’ breath and,all the time you gotta watch yo’ step and,catch me all on yo’ neck, stressin’ ’bout "What you doin’ next?"And I ain’t got much left; tolerance wit’ the hoop-laLa jodienda no se para nunca, yeahThey […]

Silly Niggaz

ft. Uneek [intro] On any day, in the hood In front of any building, you can find some chicks And what will they talk about? Niggaz [A] Yo, yo get the fuck outta here! [U] Yeah, that fuckin bum motherfucker [U] Pico and shit from around the corner, that nigga be wildin [Angie] Uh-huh, yeah.. […]

Go!! (Muthafuka

[Angie:] What’s this? [unfolding of letter][Angie & Guy:] Dear Angie Guy: I know we’ve been together a long time boo But I’m writing this letter cus I really couldn’t face you like It’s kinda ill I gotta a lot things going on right now And I met somebody too So I need a little space […]

Live At Jimmy's

ft. Big Pun, Cuban Link, Domingo, Sunkiss Corazon, (?) aiy aiy esta Angie Martinez, ‘ta Cuban Link y DomingoUna cosita aiy que te voy a poner para los pie,a sete bailar, tu ve el berau; va se congio, tigeraso.. [Chorus]Jimmy, "Copa Cabana," in Miami, Little HabanaAiy.. Latin Quarters, la Gran ManzanaWe’re gonna party hasta por […]

Every Little Girl

ft. The Product G&B [Big Pun] Yo yo Angie, come downstairs, the pub is open Hurry up ma! Put your socks, put your slippers on! C’mon ma hurry! (Alright then, I got it) [The Product G&B] Oooohhh Angie.. Ooo-whoaaaa, yeahhh.. Oooh yeah hooooo whoahhhh, ohhh-ye ohhhhh-yeah [Angie Martinez] Uh, yeah (ooh ooh ooh ooh) Uh […]

Mi Amor

ft. Jay-Z [Chorus: Jay-Z (Angie Martinez)] How you say my love in spanish? (Mi amor) (How you say my love in thug) Can I hit it raw? In the backseat of my jeep, or maybe on the floor (Easy papi) Nah mami, teach me more (Tr’teme especial means treat me special) I ain’t got no […]

New York, New York

ft. DJ Clue & Prodigy [Clue] DJ Clue.. Desert Storm.. Angie Martinez.. Prodigy.. Live from New York nigga.. [Angie] Uhh.. uhh.. yo-yo, uhh, yo They say it ain’t where you from that it’s where you at But where I’m from, y’all can tell, don’t matter where I’m at Born and bred in the streets of […]