Butts Wigglin'

The sweet sound of patent approvalcomin’ down in a not quite fogThe sweet sound of patent approvalcomin’ down in powdery sparksThe sweet sound of patent approvalcomin’ down with holiday concernThe sweet sound of patent approval comin’down in a world of hurt In my opinion the drug is ready The warm hand of abject approvalcomin’ down […]

Apartment Song

Illuminate the obviousit’s standing right here infront of uswhat our apartment doeswhen we’re not around does not concern us Simulate the obviousand it’s standing, standingright here in front of usjust what our apartment doeswhen we’re not arounddoes not concern us She’s the horrible estheteand she hates her ugly feetat a place where her friendsall meetshe […]

Gift Shop

The beautiful lull,the dangerous tugwe get to feel smallfrom high up aboveand after a glimpseover the topthe rest of the worldbecomes a gift shop The pendulum swingsfor the horse like a manout over the rimis ice cream to himthe beautiful lull,the dangerous tugwe get to feel smallbut not out of place at all We’re forced […]


Me and the vivid girlin our hammock to the starsstaring into the fire before TV,the remote-control’s on Mars In the dope of the pigment,in the poetic state of mindin a flood of countrywe lay down to kill some time And we spoke languidlyof the Northern Beeand collecting dewdrops for teaunderneath the cannonball tree We were […]

Springtime In Vienna

Instructions from the manualcould not have been much more plainthe blues are still requiredthe blues are still required againpast territorial piss-postspast whispers in the closetspast screamin’ from the rooftopswe live to survive our paradoxes Men here of the secretthey pass in upholstered silencethey only exist in crisisthey only exist in silencepast territorial piss-postspast whispers in […]

Lets Stay Engaged

It might be latebut it won’t be earlyyou got me to the gatewith time for a coffeeit’s getting latesounds like a departureit’s getting closesounds to me like a departureUntil we meet againlets stay engageduntil thenlets stay engaged Lies over timefloat to the surfacelies over timethey equal surfacelies over timethough the reasons desert uslies over timewith […]

Put It Off

I wrote unfriendly things,truly cruel,on the day that you were bornto prove that wordscannot touch beautybut I was tornI put it off, I put it off,I put it off again I made degenerate artfor the religious righton the day that you were bornI had passion to experimentbut I was tornI put it off, I put […]

700 Ft. Ceiling

Lets go to the parklets go watch’em floodin’out there after dark,don’t have to think of nothin’and I love that for,for the way I’m feeling700 foot, 700 foot ceiling Lets take it to the topof the tobacco nationwe can aim the dishfor hardcore invitationsand I hate that for,for the things I’m thinkingwhen the clouds are low,700 […]