this gravity is pulling me hold on this time of change seems so strange don’t let me go… catch me i’m fallin.. fallin through if i’m not with you all i wanna do is feel blue all i wanna do is feel blue if i’m not with you.. all i wanna do is feel blue […]

Hold Me Down

i don’t make everyone happy… but it’s ok.. i’ve been through this before it’s nothin new.. nothin new i don’t know why everytime i wanna fly somebody always tries to hold me down… hold me down… i’m losing my faith every single time i try no one is on my side don’t let me drown… […]


your vision’s blurred.. your mouth is dry it is sunday just another sunday your body aches.. your conscience sleeps it is sunday just another sunday you say… u don’t wanna feel this way u don’t wanna feel you say… u don’t wanna feel this way! u don’t wanna feel your knees are weak.. your heart’s […]

Body Architects

i’m starting from scratch i’m putting the pieces together day by day.. one by one.. i’m the only one my surroundings affect the structure.. of my state of mind just when you think everything is fine the foundation cracks… in a fraction of time so look in the mirror.. it doesn’t lie we… we all […]


check my new jam i’m bringing when i’m done with you your ears will be ringing i bring the rock hard..slinging bad ass riffs that’ll cut you til you’re stinging all frequencies are bumping when the dust clears the air you’ll be feeling where am i.. now.. cause i’m spinnin so damn nauseous that i […]

Face To Face

let the mayhem begin… i thought you had my back.. thought i knew you it’s clear to me.. you’ll see.. i don’t play that game don’t claim to be the same as me, cause you’re not you ain’t gotta shot.. shot.. in this world i will attack you best be steppin way back! get away.. […]


i feel alone… i feel like i could die i feel alone… i feel like i could die… tonight carry on carry on don’t feel ashamed.. don’t feel ashamed i rather it be this way you’re not to blame you’re not to blame don’t feel ashamed i’m getting close… to the other side just close […]

People So Strange

comin to getcha.. one autograph.. one picture buyin the shots, hittin the rock.. yeah.. muthafuckers even trying to cockblock and they say "Hey, remember me?" you know my cousin’s friend’s mother’s sister’s brother shakin the hands, kissin the babies hotel lobby, pictures with the ladies dudes throwin me sacks of weed on stage chicks showin […]