Intro: What? What you want?Represent represent representYeah, represent, check it out check it out Yo mama don’t wear no drawers!I saw her when she took them off!Standin on the welfare line, eatin swineTryin to look fine, with her stank behindYou can ask the bitch and she’ll tell ya fastMeth-Tical got STYLE with his nasty ass […]

Bring the Pain

Basically, can’t fuck with me Verse One: I came to bring the pain hardcore from the brainLet’s go inside my astral planeFind out my mental’s based on instrumentalrecords hey, so I can write monumentalMethods, I’m not the KingBut niggaz is decaf I stick em for the CREAMcheck it, just how deep can shit getDeep as […]

Release Yo' Delf

Intro/Chorus: Blue Raspberry When I first stepped on the scene, niggaz was petrifiedJet back to the lab like they were being chased by homicideMy rap flow does you like Tical, and it will never steer you wrongAnd all you bitch-ass niggaz in the industryyour careers won’t be lasting long Chorus Verse One: Check it, I’m […]

P.L.O. Style

Chorus: P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the OwlsP.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the OwlsP.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the OwlsP.L.O. style… Verse One: Method Man Here comes the ruckus, the motherfuckin ruckusThousands of cut-throats and purse-snatchin fucksStraight from the brain, I’ll be givin you the pain, angerComin from the 36th Chamber, Bang! Tical, hittin with […]


<Intro Chorus: Blue Raspberry>Let’s come together for the stimulationMeth-Tical hit ’em with the stimultaion <Verse 1>I got 36 styles on my mind,Keep it real, Shaolin represent one (time)All my peoples are you with me, where you at? (suuuu)All my killer bees on attack, where you at? (suuuu)Throw ya fuckin’ hands in the air if you […]

Method Man (remix)

Chorus: M-E-T, H-O-D, ManM-E-T, H-O-D, ManM-E-T, H-O-D, ManM-E-T, H-O-D, Man Hey you get off my clooudLet me get raw with my southpaw styleMover, puffin’ on a fat blunt from CubaIt’s the Meth-Tical jet to Cal, I’m the buddhaMonk on the hunt for machine gun foesI keeps you open like a slug from the shotgun punkDouble-barrel, […]

Meth Vs. Chef

Intro: Duel, worthy of a generalIf you want to fight, fight with me!One to one! Man to man! Get ready to gel team!Live and direct from the one-six-oohWe got Tical, pow! Raekwon the Chef, Tical!It’s about to go on, Tical!You make the call, I make the call!It’s all for allMethod Man, Raekwon the Chef(count my […]

Mr. Sandman

Intro: RZA (singing by Blue Raspberry) *bees buzzing**man screaming in torture* This is… (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream)Serious, the craziest… d-da, (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) day-daDanger, dangerous… style Verse One: RZA Lyrical shots from the glockbust bullet holes on the chops, I want the number one spotWith the science, of […]