Greener Grass

Well, a man has two facesBut still he’s half blindWell, he searches with one eyeFor what he won’t findWell, he looks for her farWhen she is nearWhen he calls out her nameShe pretends she don’t hear If you loved her my friend don’t take away her prideYou might love her again if in your heart […]

On Her Way To Boston

Parked outside in a car down by the church this mornin’We never knew we’d get this farThe songs I played are chosin’Never thought I’d see you leave I drive in my carAsleep at the wheelI dream about youShe’s on her way to Boston I woke last night in a cold dark roomThe window pane had […]


Who’s got time for faded wordsThere’s nothin’ new we haven’t heardI wish to hell that I could tell the truthFrom all the lies we keep insideBehind closed doorsInside our mindsI pray to heaven, save us from ourselvesWell, here I amAnother dayA lifetime’s past since yesterdayStill I am no farther than beforeThrough all the roads and […]

Down With The Ship

Well it’s been past four years since we went down in flamesIn the mouth of the lion’s denWhile we held our headsWe held our breathAnd one by one we lost our only friendsWe traveled in fast company and kept up with the paceBut that’s no guarantee that we could ever win this race We don’t […]


Hey!Well, morning out of bed, the carpet’s red, well I knowThe flood has startedThe day goes so slow in below my headI should have stayed in bedMy love, well I have lostI paid the costI know I gotta get aheadWe’ll board a rendesvoux, the Spanish fewWell I drew a picture perfect path So I die, […]

Shoes On The Bed

Some dreams mean somethin’ that you’ll never knowSome dreams mean nothin’, just a river that flowsMoonlight has magic through the windowWhen it shines on the one you loveDon’t step on cracks in the streetMake your wishes count on the clockYou don’t leave your shoes on the bedIf you want to be with the one you […]