These are the days When I fear for my lifeThink that’s strangeWell that’s the waste of you Sun up time now for you to runI will always know you – You’re a special oneNow I’m up on this climb, up on this climb I won’t fade away The best is yet to comeSad you’re not […]

English Fire

World news, world newsWell you said let’s be freeWell you said I’ll be me Death row hearts are hard to mend Why shoot myself for your sins All my love, all my loveAll my love, all my love Well you said retribute Well you said substitute Burn myself on your bed Your crown of thorns […]

Letting The Cables Sleep

You in the dark You in the painYou on the run Living a hell Living your ghost Living your endNever seem to get in the place that I belong Don’t wanna lose the timeLose the time to come Whatever you say it’s alrightWhatever you do it’s all goodWhatever you say it’s alrightSilence is not the […]

Altered States

Living in a cageWashing in a birdbathSinking in a fish bowl On a broken farmI try to never lieI really doI wonder if my friends Will get me through Conscious of the was as best we can17 ways to kill a man States we’ve been through Killing nostalgia For future swims Trash all your bridgesKill […]

Dead Meat

Your dead meat, your dead meat, your dead meat, yourIt’s your dead meat from former daysI am your crisisBlue asbestos in your veinsI’m your broken fingersI’ve killed you twice, I will againRevenge is eagerSee first you’ll crash and then you’ll burn Dorothy died for your pleasureIt’s hard to get along in this car crash weather, […]


They’re polishing the government Resembles a last waltzWe are the playthings We are the form Soon it may come Since we can riseToo long since I’ve seen youWe move like satellites My future lies In space travel She’s coming over me They’re burning the tenementsTopless progressive thinking Political holes Got six but pray for seven […]

Jesus Online

Whatever she wants from meWhatever device Whether in kindnessWhether in spite What can I sayWhat can I do I can’t help myselfI let the monster through Wherever she sends meWherever the planePerfect black dressPerfect grave What can I sayWhat can I doI did it to myselfI did it all confused Jesus onlineWires around the worldFeel […]


Help me sometimes, I need that muchDon’t you think it’s strange How we can turn to dust Think it’s strange, like really strained We’ll never run when we’ve got all these broken bones It’s so hard to let you go It’s so hard to let you goI will make you change your mindI will make […]