Can't Stand Still

When I see a pretty womanYou know it gives me a thrillAnd she’s a tailor made to orderYou know I can’t stand stillAnd you won’t need a doctor‘Cause it’ll cure all ills And when I hear a noisy partyYou know it gives me a chillIt gets me rockin’ and a rollin’And I can’t stand stillFrom […]

Satellite Blues

She makes the place a jumpin’The way she moves aroundShe like a rump and rollin’That’s when she get it outAnd when she start a rockin’She bring me to the boilShe like to give it out some New satellite blues (new satellite blues)New satellite blues (new satellite blues) A picture clear for watchin’The dish is runnin’ […]

Hold Me Back

I got a big fat Cadillac built for youI got a honk that’ll blow the avenueGot a hot dog kickin’ all bend my thingGot a a sugar looking woman with a bald headed manGive me five o here boy, that’s what I’ll doGot a big fat momma who can hold a tuneGotta slip that bone […]

Safe In New York City

Hello baby gimme your handCheck out the high spots the lay of the landYou don’t need a rocket or a big limousineCome on over baby and I’ll make you obscene I feel safe in New York CityI feel safe in New York CityI feel safe in New York CityI feel safe in New York City […]

House Of Jazz

HumdingerBell ringerGot a nasty stingerTo slow you downMud slingerGold diggerWho point the fingerAnd do you downKickin’ and a fightin’ on a TV showLightin’ blindin’ in the middle of the roadAre you comin’ inAre you comin’ in I said come into the house ofCome into the house ofCome into the house of jazzCome into the house […]

Come And Get It

Picking up the sleaze in my carHell no distance too farBurning down the road in the nightDon’t you scold me or I’ll bite These are the finer things in lifeDon’t think you live in paradiseI’ve got my filly wrapped in redUpon my double decker bed If you want it come and get it (come and […]


Don’t smoke don’t fight don’t light no cigarettesOr else you’ll wind up in the canNo jokes no rights sit tight don’t fool aroundYou are a guest of Uncle SamStand up look right don’t slouch and stand at easeAllow no sex above the kneesWhen I snap you jump into the master planI’ll be damnedWell I’ll be […]

Stiff Upper Lip

Well I was out on a driveOn a bit of a tripLookin’ for thrillsTo get me some kicksNow I warn you ladiesI shoot from the hipI was born with a stiff Stiff upper lip Like a dog in a howlI bite everythingAnd I’m big and I’m drawlAnd I’ll ball your thing I keep a stiff […]