Blissed and Gone

the sun has blessed the rays are goneand all the kids have left their tears and gone home sweet 17, sour 29and i can’t explain myself what i’d hoped to findyou were all so kindwhen i was near and if you’re still feeling downthen maybe i need me aroundto love and hold you don’t say […]

Let Me Give The World To You

Last chance to make believe in always and all it seems Train wrecks hide underneath your umbrella Set the frame Destiny on this last name siloque Tired symphonies play down on Let me give the world to you my love Let me give the world to you my loveLet me show what I’m thinking of […]

He Bells

ooh the bells are ringing outwhat a soundooh the bells are ringing outwhat a soundand i’m in lovethe joy of lovethe coming ofjesusjesusdid you call my namenever ever felt afraiddid you hold ontodid you make it thruyouthere’s so much doubt in every heartfor all our faults we carry onjesusjesus i ran awayi got so scaredi […]


got me a raygungot me an altitudecan’t help feelin’ something’s wrongwith every one of you inside your head trust me insteadinside your head talk revolutionas if it matters nowi don’t care anywayjust give me what i want inside your headtrust me insteadinside your head oh, oh, oh, ohooh, honey fill me with your little whispersstore […]

Here is no why

the useless drag of another daythe endless drags of a death rock boymascara sure and lipstick lostglitter burned by restless thoughtsof being forgottenand in your sad machinesyou’ll forever staydesperate and displeased-with whoever you areand you’re a starsomewhere-he pulls his hair down-over a frowning smilea hidden diamond you cannot finda secret star that cannot shine over […]


i’m in here please take me home starla dear i’m all alone when you can’t decide what’s on your mind it’s clear i’m here, starla dear to disappear takes so much time starla dear, you’re on my mind soon, soon i’ll be leaving soon, soon i’ll be leaving i hear all you’re saying i hear […]

In My Body

hold silentyou were my violent stowin my lifejust for the momentand then the young dieso you can dieI was aliveI was alivein my bodyyou’ll never find meyou’ll never pull me inin my bodythe lonely creaturesthe lonely creatures screamjune’s outcastleft hiding, their bone sleepsburned alivewasted sunsetshaunted my tunnel lightright through my clothesin my bodyyou’ll never find […]

Rocket (NORMAL)

Bleed in your own light Dream of your own life I miss me I miss everything I’ll never be And on, and on I torch my soul to show The world that I am pure Deep inside my heart No more lies A crown of horns An image formed deformed The mark I’ve borne A […]