Blown Away

Down is where they want to see youDown is where they want to keep youDown, somber and silentFaith is used against youFaith is a line that they feed youFaith is only a wordDon’t believe their empty liesFear is how they grip youFear is fixed inside youFear of unacceptanceSame old story will we ever learnFall for […]


OoohIt’s plain to seeWhy there’s no harmony.Arrogance at a glanceA mind that’s bent on ignorance.Desperate for reveranceLittle king with no respect.Spitting out rhetoric from the mouth of a broke dick.A blind approach that leads to miseryBitterness will let you down, and shut you outBar-b-que broke dick.

Let Go

Another time another place I might have had a smile on my facethis could have been such a beautiful thingbut now it’s just a fucking waste of time We’ve said what had to be said the issue’s discussed already dead We’re clinging to something what we don’t know It’s about time we just let go […]


Can somebody tell me why truth is such a fuckin’ lie close my heart and turn it outI’m disgusted so far gone and out of reachthey kick you in the fuckin’ teethall I wanna know is why you’re all busted You can’t pressure mewhen will you see the walls that are closing inyou wanna take, […]


I watch as innocence is slaughtered can’t stop the ringing in my head you can’t see what i see, you can’t feel what i feel Guilty – the time will surely come guilty – when i pay a heavy price – guiltyI search for love but find opression can’t stop the ringing in my head […]

Now It's Gone

Where’d go, how’d pass, when did we lose it that was us, yesterday, runnin’ ’round care free never thought it would end, never thought about timenow we stand, stand alone, not by choise, by fate In my mind i can see visions of what used to be all the fun, the suffering, was it just […]

Breeders Of Hate

my…..these words of anger and fight towards the other manI’m bent out of shapeI’m feeling iratefeel that blood flow{Guns on the street, a message completeGreed, self hatred tonite}Save your insanityyou die for my needs I have no idea…. submit your interpretations here

My Life

Go to work, go to school Get an education, so you won´t be a foolBe a doctor, PHD, all that shit, that’s not for me All my life people tell what to say This is my life live it my own way Was so blind could not see figures of authortity, always standing behind me,ready […]