Taxi Ride

lily is dancing on the table we’ve all been pushed too far i guess on days like this you know who your friends are just another dead fag to you that’s all just another light missing on a long taxi ride taxi ride and i’m down to your last cigarette and this "we are one" […]

A Sorta Fairytale

on my way up northup on the venturai pulled back the hoodand i was talking to youand i knew then it would bea life long thingbut i didn’t know that wewe could break a silver lining and i’m so sadlike a good booki can’t put this day backa sorta fairytalewith youa sorta fairytalewith you things […]


not sayin’ not charmed at all not sayin’ that you weren’t worth the fall and i was alone when i knew it was real down the canyon when i knew i had come to the line through the dawn to the light to the turn when you said you could drive all night drive all […]


carbon made found her at the end of a chain "time to race" she said "race the downhill" behind crystalline irises loons can drive where the world bleeds whitejust keep your eyes on her keep don’t look away keep your eyes on her horizonbear claw free fall a gunner’s view black and blue shred in […]