I Seen a Man Die

So what you gonna do cat daddy?[Scarface:] I don’t know dawg..juss trying to live it one day at a time.I hear you man, live it one day at a time…[Scarface:] Let me get up outta here man my ride waitin’.Aiight cat daddy stay tru[Scarface:] Aiight man peace [straight into verse one] [Verse 1:] He greets […]

Games Over

ft. Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Too $hort [Intro: Too $hort] Man, what’s up with these niggaz out hereMad at us cause we on topI love to see niggaz gettin moneyBetter get it while the gettin is goodGet it while you can, manAnd stop hatin me, fuckin with my shit cuz I got more hustle than […]

Born Killer

I’ma born killer, you’re face to face with ScarfaceYou tried to ice an X, but thats a motherfuckin wasteYour schools fucked up GAnd your momma shoulda warned ya about a nigga like meCause I don’t weep and I don’t sleepSave that motherfucker black, cause talk is cheapAnd uh, since you got beefLets take it to […]

In My Blood

ft. Big Mike, DMG, Yukmouth [Verse 1:][DMG]You wonder why, I hang with these thugsWhut,I’m from the hoodNigga, I gives a fuck (I gives a fuck)It’s in my bloodSince I was little I been hangin’ with these NiggasAnd till I die I gon remain with these NiggasSt. Paul inThe M-P-L-S, I hear you callin’I put it […]

Krunch Time

ft. K.B. [Verse 1] [K.B.]As I proceed to give your ass what ya needA straight guerilla, that hit these niggas for the scrillaThe wig spliter, I cock this 44 revolver, the problem solverStep and get wet, like salivaLike Pearl Harbor, I bomb muthafuckasGot a whole army, so bring it on muthafuckasYou gets no ends, fuckin […]

Now I Feel Ya

…It’s a new day… ya know what I’m sayin’? A new day, brings a new problem to a brotherand all I gots ta say is thank god for my mothercause without my mommy dear my life would’ve been jokeeither locked up playin’ dead and still slangin’ dope but nopeThe lord he had a plan for […]


(And meanwhile, on the Southside of town…) [Chorus:] Now when you’re rollin’ through yo’ muthafuckin’ hood, what do you see?(I see some muthafuckin’ G’s)Now when you’re rollin’ through yo’ muthafuckin’ hood, tell me what you see?(Some muthafuckin’ G’s) [verse 1]Roamin’ in my muthafuckin’ hood and thangsSeems to me my mutherfuckin’ hood done changedCause niggas used […]


[verse 1:] He wanted drama so I brought him painwadadadanglisten to my nine millimeter go bangout goes your brains; feel the motherfuckin terrorand you ain’t felt the comin of death like this everyou paused; and now I got a Colt 45semiautomatic explodin between your eyes; surprise you never thought your yesterdays would come back to […]