Start The Fire

C’mon baby get the lighterWe’re gonna start the fire The army of words is in me Silent the soldier weepsLying here back to backWaiting for you to be react Sometimes all I need is a good push Roll over and whisper some goodnessGo on baby you be the heroNow can we go back to zero […]

In My Head

I tried to think about rainbows When it gets badYou got to think about something To keep from going madI tried to think about big fat rosesWhen the ship starts going downBut my head is wicked jealousDon’t want to talk about it right now [Chorus:]Long distanceDon’t talk about ex-girlfriendsDon’t talk about you with out meDon’t […]

Rock Steady

Our love is rock steadyRock steady, rock steadyOur love is rock steady Love is like a punishmentHomegirl here to representSo innocently you seem to come my wayWhile Tinkerbell and Cupid playThey sit there and laughI sit here and I can’t believe my eyesYou found me at lastBut wait and see how it’ll agonize A real […]

Hella Good

The waves keep on crashing on me for some reasonBut your love keeps on coming like a thunderboltCome here a little closer‘Cause I wanna see you, baby, real close up(Get over here) You’ve got me feeling hella good So let’s just keep on dancingYou hold me like you should So I’m gonna keep on dancing […]


RunRunning all the timeRunning to the futureWith you right by my side MeI’m the one you chose Out of all the people You wanted me the mostI’m so sorry that I’m fallingHelp me up lets keep on runningDon’t let me fall out of love [Chorus:]Running, runningAs fast as we canI really hope you make it(Do […]

Don't Let Me Down

Laughing so hardI got tears in my eyesWalk in the parkUnder sapphire skies Oh, I can’t believe that you’re still aroundAlmost forgot how you let me down Crying so deepThat I think I might dieYour mistakes I keep in the back of my mindSo hard to let go but I’m comin’ roundThe scars are still […]


Peek in, sneak aboutpeek in, sneak aboutyour broken hearted detective hey girl save the liarcan’t you see his pants on firehey girl, save the liarcan’t you see his pants on fire my back it hurts againit aches like historycaught nothing all day longyour smiling back at me, but I feel you must have failed meonce […]