Bella (She's All I Ever Had)

Mírame por favorAquí estoyCon mi dolor Ella dióUn paso atrásUn adiósY no queda más Bella, bella al amanecer(solo para mi)Bella, belleza de mujerElla todo me lo dióDesde alma hasta la piel,Fue mi verso a mi papelFue mi amiga y fue mi amor Concía mi interiorComo bola de cristalMe alejó de todo mal,Me dió su corazon […]

Are You In It For Love

Are you in it for loveAre you in it for moneyIf I lost everything would you be there in the morning Ay mama, you’re my sweet mamacitaYou’ve gonne to my head, like too many margaritasYou say that you sing, that you’re some kind of dancerBut the stars in your eyes, never reveal the answerOne fine […]

La Bomba

Es una bebida Que va cambiando tu vida Una gotita de nada Te vuelve locaLoca divertida Agua de risa Con unas gotas de rosa Y una aceituna sabrosa Y en lo caliente Esa es la bomba Muevete mamita Que me vuelvo loco Emborrachadita de la bomba estas Cosa Linda, Cosa Mona Sube, sube que la […]

Private Emotion

Every endless night has a dawning dayEvery darkest sky has a shining rayAnd it shines on you baby can’t you seeYou’re the only one who can shine for me CHORUSIt’s a private emotion that fills you tonightAnd a silence falls between usAs the shadows steal the lightAnd wherever you may find itWherever it may leadLet […]

Lola, Lola

Tus ojitos picoteando toda mi piel Tus andares provocando mi castidad Tus besos mitad mentira, mitad verdad Saben a manzana del paraiso se adan. Sola, sola Te gusta pasear Lola, Lola Para provocar una ola Una ola del mar. Lola, Lola ay! Pa’donde vas Que mas da, yo sigo detras Lola, Lola ay!Pegado a ti […]

She's All I Ever Had

Here I amBroken wingsQuist thoughtsUnspoken dreamsHere I amAlone againAnd I need her nowTo hold my hand CHORUSShe’s all, she’s all I ever hadShe’s the air I breatheShe’s all, she’s all I ever had It’s the way she makes me feelIt’s the only thing that’s realIt’s the way she understandsShe’s my lover, she’s my friendAnd when […]


Amor, only in a dreamI ever thought you’d find meAmor, fell into a kissAnd left the world behind me Wasy to believe my liesAnd never know itEasier to throw it awayNow I look into her eyesAnd I can see itI know the reasin ti stayAlthough they say [Chorus:] "Deja, deja…Cuidado que te quema"They’ll say it […]


I’ve loaded up a good thingTo see the way she feelsFaster than a Sosa homerunShe’s gonna get a little huh huh Look at her nowShe wants to take the wheelShe says, ‘You dirty dog’‘You want to rock the bop and take it home’ Why oh why am I gonna playSo many times it goes this […]