Baby, I Love You

Have I ever told you How good it feels to hold you It isn’t easy to explain And though I’m really tryin’ I think I may start cryin’ My heart can’t wait another day When you kiss me I just gotta Kiss me I just gotta Kiss me I just gotta say : Baby, I […]

Cabbies On Crack

Got into a cab, Broadway 59 Took off like a flash, almost lost my mind Oh, oh, oh Cabbies on crack It first felt like at thrill ride Excited for a while Got pretty scary swerving at 100 miles an hour Oh, oh, oh Cabbies on crack I want to get out, Out of this […]

Bye Bye Baby

Woke up thinking bout you today Why does it have to be this way We drove each other crazy Bye bye babe Bye bye baby Well I guess it’s over and it’s done We had some good times and we had fun We drove each other crazy I’ll always love you Bye bye baby Babe […]

Can't Seem To Make You Mine

I can’t seem to make you mine I can’t seem to make you mine You’re flyin’ around like a bee Hurtin’ everything you see I tried everything I know To make you wanna love me so The only thing you do Is try to put the hurt on me Can’t you see what you’re doin’ […]

Main Man

When I start movin’, you see a blur. Get hooked on me baby, there ain’t no cure. I’ve always been able to laugh at fate. Two brown eyes filled with hate. I’m the man who makes the street his home And my lean mean heart is just as hard as stone. Oh, I’m my main […]

Sitting In My Room

Sitting in my room Record player on Sitting in my room humming a sickening tune Sitting in my room Something to do soon We know what we think of them the problems just keep piling in They got complains about everything It’s us against them It’s us against them It’s us against them They just […]


Hey Johnny, hey Dee Dee Little Tom and Joey You know we’re comin’ over Sweet sweet little Ramona You’re getting better and better It’s getting easier than ever Hey you kids in the crowd You know you like it When the music’s loud. Sweet sweet little Ramona she always wants to come over Sweet sweet […]