hey blue, all your love is strange come out with all those crazy names so true when you lie for you, blue right or wrong i belong right or wrong hey blue, where’d you run to now? miss you since they found you out i’ve been waiting such a long time for your smile, for […]


got me a raygungot me an altitudecan’t help feelin’ something’s wrongwith every one of you inside your head trust me insteadinside your head talk revolutionas if it matters nowi don’t care anywayjust give me what i want inside your headtrust me insteadinside your head oh, oh, oh, ohooh, honey fill me with your little whispersstore […]


i’m in here please take me home starla dear i’m all alone when you can’t decide what’s on your mind it’s clear i’m here, starla dear to disappear takes so much time starla dear, you’re on my mind soon, soon i’ll be leaving soon, soon i’ll be leaving i hear all you’re saying i hear […]

Blew Away

lew, blew away but i don’t wanna fade blew, blew and if you love her you know it will come true and if you need her you know that she’ll be there stay awake, i lie here with her and i fall (and) when i wake inside you i know you know i’m yours blew, […]


oh yeah, another day oh yeah, gotta play what it is, it never was i don’t care to give enough my boredom has outshined the sun it’s all down low i just want to have some little fun oh yeah, another day oh yeah, what a waste what it is, it never was i don’t […]


dad dead was i ever alive? fucking makes you alive in one minute solstice i am solstice filled with mercury filled with mercury liquid fucked see right through your heart fuck your heart i am mercury liquid pure hot, alive, dead, mucked fish eyes, doe eyes i was born alive i’ll fucking kill you i’ll […]

Frail and Bedazzled

so now listen here i wanna be oh so clear i lost my soul, lost i’ll stay between your hands and my beliefs and here i am, frail frail and bedazzled from all the glare tug at my sleeve my little girl, supermaid she don’t know that i have stole my smile from a cheshire […]

Girl Named Sandoz

well i met a girl called sandoz and she taught me many many things good things, very good things sweet things i met her on a sunday morning it was hot though the snow lay on the ground strange things, very strange things my mind has wings sandoz sandoz will you tell me no? sandoz […]