Part Of Me

I know you wellYou are a part of meI know you better than I know myselfI know you bestBetter than anyoneI know you better than I know myself You don’t judgeYou can’t speakYou can’t leaveYou can’t hurt meYou’re just here for me to use I know you bestBetter than one might thinkI know you better […]


Choices always were a problem for youWhat you need is someone strong to guide youDeaf and blind and dumb and born to followWhat you need is someone strong to guide youLike meLike me If you want to get your sould to heavenTrust in meDon’t judge or questionYou are broken nowBut faith can heal youJust do […]


I’m sweatingAnd breathingAnd staring And thinkingAnd sinking deeperIt’s almost like I’m swimming The sun is burning hot againOn the hunter and the fishermanAnd he’s trying to remember whenBut it makes him dizzy Seems like I’ve been here beforeSeems so familiarSeems like I’m slippingInto a dream within a dream Must be the way you whisper The […]

Cold And Ugly

Underneath her skin and jewelryHidden in her words and eyesIs a wall that’s cold and uglyAnd she’s scared as hellTrembling at the thought of feelingWide awake and keeping distanceNothing seems to penetrate herShe’s scared as hell I am frightened too Wide awakeAnd keeping distance from my soulI am scared like you


I can’t say what I want toEven if I’m not seriousThings likeFuck yourself Kill yourselfYou piece of shit People tell me what to sayWhat to think And what to play I sayGo fuck yourselfYou piece of shitWhy don’t you go kill yourself Just kidding

Jerk Off

Someone told me onceThat there’s a right and wrongAnd that punishmentWould come to thoseWho dare to cross the line But it must not be trueFor jerkoffs like youMaybe it takes longer to catch a total assholeBut I’m tired of waitingMaybe it’s just bullshit and I should play GodAnd shoot you myselfBecause I’m tired of waiting […]