Baby I Would

[Verse 1]Would I walk through fire just to be you, be with you babyWould I cross an ocean just to hold you, yeaWould I give up all I have to see you smile, to see you smileWould I walk through hell and not think twice [Chorus]Baby I wouldBaby I willBaby I’ll do that gladlyBe all […]


Who says a man’s not suppose to beSensitiveI’m keeping the faith that you still love me Girl I know there’s something wrongAnd something strange is going onAnd no matter what I doWanna can’t break through Girl I need to understandCuz you won’t give me answersHow can I help youIf you don’t want me to I […]


She’s a special girl With her own money, job, and credit cards A sexy girl You better be careful or she’ll pull your card In this world You wont find any like her standing around And I want a girl like her And I need a girl like her Girl A pretty girl A lovely […]

Take Me Under

I want you to close your eyes And fall into a deep trance And when I count to three You’ll wake up, and be mine I like it…like it I love it…love it I know you… Know you you I love it when you take me down, down under your spell My mind is suffocated […]

All For Love"

All for love, babyGirl what I do, I’ll do it for youAll for love, babyBaby, my love, it’s all for you Oo-oh (All for love)Oo-oh-oh (All for love)Oo-oh (All for love)Oo-oh-oh Girl, you’re the only one I’d ever love and needCause when you’re here with meYou make me feel completeGirl, it’s too hard to swallowTo […]

Every 6 Seconds

Every six seconds Every six seconds Baby I can’t stop My mind from slipping Every six seconds or less Preoccupation of the opposite sex And you’re the one I blame For making me go crazy I think of you in different ways Fourteen thousand times a day Victoria’s Secret I’ve been keepin’ And its getting […]

Shy Girl

Shy shy girl Shy Girl Yeah, Yeah Standing with the wallflowers Wishing you would’ve stayed at home You kick yourself for coming When you’re standing there all alone The centers of attention are busy making all their moves Oh Girl… While all the guys are lookin Then I got my eye on you Only you […]

Sexiest Woman Alive

When I see ya I can’t believe ya Did ya slip on heaven’s floorA fallen angelI’ve been around the worldBut I’ve never seen a girlWho makes my nature rise the way that you do Like Häagen-Dazs you hit the spotYou make me screamCause you got a lotIn your Calvin jeans You’re a beauty queenAnd you’re […]