Can't Deny

It’s late at night and no one’s aroundAnd only my heart is making a soundI lay awake alone in my bedAnd I can’t sleep should I call you instead I think of you far too much ’cause you, you’re one of a kindI’m not like an open book’cause I’ve got something in mind [CHORUS:]You know […]

An Emotion Away

I had high expectationsIt’s something I could not compromiseAnd when I saw you I wasn’t readyIt completely took my heart by surprise Who…And when I think of the time I med youThe situation looked harmlessIt wasn’t long before I got confused enoughAnd soon I realized that your… [CHORUS:]Love is just an emotion awayI know it’s […]


It was the night Rod Stewart playedAnd we were, were standing in the pouring rainIf I had known it was the last time I would see you again…I would change everything… I look through the broken glass I watch the storm go through my mindThere’s so much I had to say I know the words […]

Big Bad Love

I’m having dreams in the night of you babyAnd Sigmund Freud would have thought I was crazyI wonder why you’ve become an obsessionAll I know is that I need to have your big bad loveBig bad love [3k]You keep on lovin’ and lyin’You’ve turning me into a fool babeBut I’m not screamin’ or cryin’There’s better […]

No Apologies

Whenever we talk about sun all I see is the rainIt’s like looking for tears in a oceanI’m hearing your words like the windThey blow straight through my heartWill you ever give in to emotion And we hurt the ones that we love the mostWhy we do only heaven knowsAnd I don’t know why I’m […]

Real World

We play the game with determinationWe don’t give a dam ’bout our reputation babyIt’s not a game, it’s a revelationStep inside the real worldThe real world…yeah yeah yeah… The real world…yeah… It’s been every day now, and it just won’t go away now…noLife is so intense now, not much common sense now yeahAnd late in […]

Give What You Got

You’ve got to give it all to babyYou know I want it all for meI wanna get to know you babyIs that a possibility Hey, you’re my man, I’m your womanAnd I’m not too proud to tell you what you do to my headI’m not kiddin’You’ve got everythin’ that any girl would want, yes you […]