Pity For A Dime

An artificial seasonCovered by summer rainLosing all my reasonCause there’s nothing left to blameShadows paint the sidewalkA living picture in a frameSee the sea of peopleAll their faces look the same So I sat down for awhileForcing a smileIn a state of self-denialIs it worthwhileSell my pity for a dimeYeah, Just one dimeSell my pity […]


Caught up in the middleHad no choice, had no choiceBirthright forgotten, so silentNo voiceI see youYou know whoLittle girl, little girlNow realize little girlOverlooked little girlBottled up and empty holding backAt loss you’re forgottenGetting back, get backExpectations of anotherLove given to the youngerBroken father, broken brotherEmptiness feeds the hungerI see youYou know whoLittle sister, little […]


The sun rises to another dayMy constitution keeps changing‘Til it slips awaySo I lie awake and stareMy mind thinking, just wanderingIs anybody there?Should I stay or go Should I sleep or stay awakeAm I really happy or is it allJust an illusion Sitting in my room nowHiding thoughtsJust hoping one day I’ll get outI hear […]

In America

Only in AmericaWe’re slaves to be freeOnly in America we kill the unbornTo make ends meetOnly in AmericaSexuality is democracyOnly in America we stamp our god"In God We Trust" What is right or wrongI don’t know who to believe inMy soul sings a different songIn AmericaWhat is right or wrongI don’t know who to believe […]


Hang me, watch awhileLet me see you smile as I dieTake me, as my body burnsLet me see you yearn, while I cry One step on your ownAnd you walk all over meOne head in the cloudsYou won’t let goYou’re too proudOne light to the blind, and they seeOne touch on the head, we believe […]

My Own Prison

A court is in session, a verdict is inNo appeal on the docket todayJust my own sinThe walls are cold and paleThe cage made of steelScreams fill the roomAlone I drop and kneelSilence now the soundMy breath the only motion aroundDemons cluttering aroundMy face showing no emotionShackled by my sentenceExpecting no returnHere there is no […]


Affirmative may be justifiedTake from one give to anotherThe goal is to be unifiedTake my hand be my brotherThe payment silenced the massesSanctified by oppressionUnity took a backseatSliding further in regressionOne The only way is oneI feel angry I feel helplessWant to change the worldI feel violent I feel aloneDon’t try and change my mindSociety […]