Boys Do Fall In Love

Baby said you had to be a loverOne way or the otherNobody wins without once giving inso don’t cry now , don’t cry now Love is just a game you played in high schoolGirls know how to be cruelMost of the time girls are cruel to be kindso don’t cry now , don’t cry now […]

Blue (Da Ba De)

yo listen up here’s a storyabout a little guy that lives in a blue worldand all day and all night and everything he seesis just blue like him inside and outsideblue his house with a blue little windowand a blue corvetteand everything is blue for him and hisselfand everybody aroundcos he ain’t got nobody to […]


o bixo do coco entro en minha casae minha cabeza puxose a abalaro bixo do coco entro en minha casalevouse toda minha ilusionlevouse os cartos, levouse a mulherdeixo tormenta , nada de comero bixo do coco entro en minha casamirome a os olhos, e a meiga falo cuando a cabeza fodehasta ya reventarcuando a cabeza […]


Her world collapsed early Sunday morningShe got up from the kitchen tableFolded the newspaper and silenced the radioThose creatures jumped the barricadesAnd have headed for the sea, sea Those creatures jumped the barricadesand have headed for the seaShe began to breatheTo breathe at the thought of such freedomStood and whispered to her child, belongShe held […]

Batter Up

(Hook) I say the fish don’t fry in the kitchenBeans don’t burn on the grillIt took a whole lot of cheerinJust to get up that hillBut now we’re up in the big leagueMy dirty it’s our turn at batAnd just as long as we livin as Lunatics playaIt ain’t nothin wrong with that, batter up […]

Baby, I'm Yours

Baby, I’m yours (baby, I’m yours)And I’ll be yours (yours) until the stars fall from the sky,Yours (yours) until the rivers all run dryIn other words, until I die Baby, I’m yours (baby, I’m yours)And I’ll be yours (yours) until the sun no longer shines,Yours (yours) until the poets run out of rhymeIn other words, […]

As Always You Were Wrong Again

We’ll raise the price of parking finesA boost for the economyIf that don’t work we close the minesAnd starve the poor of industry We proved again we rule the wavesA blow for white democracyThat Britains never shall be slavesSo long as they agree with me We’ll close the roads, divide the landPut out the rage […]

Angry Chair

Sitting on an angry chair Angry walls that steal the air Stomach hurts and I don’t care What do I see across the way See myself molded in clay Stares at me, yeah I’m afraid Changing the shape of his face Candles red I have a pair Shadows dancing everywhere Burning on the angry chair […]


Capricornio la llaméEs mi isla interiorNo me iría allí sin tiNi jamás lo penséEn tu risa se oye el marNo parece un mal lugar. No tiene direcciónNi hay forma de llegarSin una invitaciónA no salir ya más. El diario y un caféY tus besos despuésUna pieza lenta queAlgún día bailéTodo esto y mucho másEn mi […]


So make it realJust make it real That’s not a reason to fire meThat ain’t no real reasonIt’s funny things cheapen when we disagreeIf things got any worse then cheap would turn free [Chorus:]Calico cats and calico dreamsThat ain’t too real Just make it real Feel all the seasons flood through you and meAnd see […]