Born To Reign

I believe in GodI believe in DestinyNot Destiny in the sense of all of our Exerts being pre-determinedBut Destiny in the Sense of our ability to chooseOur ability to choose who we are and who we are supposed to be Yo Yo YoYo I was Born to reignPoint BlankMy name to be ecthed in stoneMy […]

Block Party

ft. Tra-Knox [Verse 1]Yo, yo forget the clubToday we play in the blockIt’s goin’ down and it’s blazzin’ hotJeff pop the new CD turn tables jointsYou just got to get the amps from BoogieGet the van from Rock and thenCall up Ishcabibble’s, Jim’s and Pat’sAnd tell ’em we need cheese steaks for like, 300 catsAnd […]

Jaden's Interlude

[Jada:] What are you doing?[Jaden:] I’m just looking over there[Jada:] You looking over there?[Jaden:] Yeah I’m just looking at the piano[Will:] You ready to come out yet?[Jaden:] No[Will:] You cool? You chillin’?[Jaden:] Mmm hmm[Will:] It’s all good?[Jaden:] Yeah[Will:] You gonna be quiet when mommy is singing?[Jaden:] Yeah[Will:] You can talk right now though[Jaden:] OK. How […]

No More

damn womens voice: hey this is me, i’m not in right now, but if u leave your name and your number, i’ll just might think about calling u back. have a pleasent day. Pick up the phone girl, i know that u homeplease don’t leave me all alone with the sound of this tone.come on […]


ft. Tra-Knox [Tra-Knox]Ooooooooo- gotta know yaBaby, baby, baby, baby, baby, babyAll right fellas- let’s do it [Verse 1]Yo ma, we got this thing right? (Thing right)It’s like, makin’ me think like (Think like)It’s like fillin’ my heart upNot makin’ me hazy, justFillin’ my mind up with all of these maybesI’m trying to figure exactly the […]

So Fresh

*Let’s listen to this dramatic show which was popular in the early days of radio* *So fresh*haha haha uh yeah Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince and aJazzy Jeff Fresh prince and aUh little taste of the ol skoolJazzy Jeff y’all break it down one time say what uhUh Uh UhOne for the trebleTwo for the bassJazzy […]

Can You Feel Me?

[Will Smith]Whoo!What? What?Can you feel me baby?I can feel youNo doubt, known to make it happen [Will Smith]I see you wanna dance huhWith your girls and your friends huhWhat about me and my menz huhRoll through in the Range and the Benz huhWanna jam on the dance floor till it ends huhTight butta get a […]

Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)

Come-come onCome on, come-come on-on(MIB){The black suits comin’}{The black suits comin’}I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’ I am the man in blackI’m back breakin’ the back of the random attackerSo can the flack, yo’I’m dangerous, I’ve been trained to bustWhen a stranger fuss, tryin’ to endanger usPraise me, y’all, don’t nothin’ phaze me, […]