Angel's Wings

I would die for youLay down my life for youThe only thing that means everything to me‘Cause when you’re in my armsYou make me prouder than Than anything I ever could achieveAnd you make everything that used to seem so bigSeem to be so small since you arrived On angel’s winds, an angelical formationAngel’s wings, […]

Can't Lose What You Never Had

Baby you’re so beautifulAnd when I’m near you I can’t breatheA girl like you gets what she wantsWhen she wants itYou’re so out of my leagueOut of my leagueI show you no emotionDon’t let you see what you’re doin’ to meDon’t let you see it, babyI imagined the two of us togetherBut I been living […]

I Don't Wanna Fight

I can’t sleep, everything I ever knewIs a lie without youI can’t breathe, when my heart is broke in twothere’s no beat without you You’re not gona but you’re not hereLeast that’s the way it seems tonightIf we could try to end these warsI know that we can make it right‘Cause baby ChorusI don’t wanna […]

My Love

[Nicky:] OK, Lads the last flights just been canceled.[Kian:] Oh, My God.[Mark:] What are you talking about?[Shane:] Again?[Mark:] Please tell me your joking.[Shane:] That’s the same old story.[Brian:] Are you serious?[Kian:] Lads if I could fly this plane meself, we’re going home.[Brian:] Look forget this. It’d be quicker walkin’. I’m going! [SHANE]An empty street,An empty […]

Open Your Heart

I didn’t mean to let you downYou have to believe itI don’t know what went through my mindBut now I can see ChorusThat I waited too longTo tell you how much it mattersJust to be right here with youBut I couldn’t think of anything betterI should have told you soBaby, open your heartWon’t you give […]

Loneliness Knows Me By Name

Loneliness is always looking for a friendIt found me once and it has been around since thenLoneliness is never waiting by the doorIt sweeps right through and it will never be ignoredWhy, hwy was I chosen?Why am I left without? The love of my life, the love that I needThe love that they say is […]

No No

Once we had it all for the takingLove was just me and youYou better think twiceAbout the plans that you’re makingSpinning one world in two ChorusPut you mind in doubtDid you think aboutEverything that we’re missingDid you make me seeWhat was best for me‘Cause I just won’t listen babyNo no no noI don’t need nobodyAnyone […]

Bop Bop Baby

Mom always saidNothing would break me or lead me astrayWho would’ve guessedI’d let my mind drift so far awayYou always saidI was a dreamerNow insteadI’m dreaming of things that’s making my mind go crazySmall things like When I call you at home and he answers the phoneOr I get your machine and I don’t hear […]