Clay Blaker

Some people say I’m one of those guys with blessings in life overlookedSometimes I feel like the tatter torn pages of some old paperback bookAll the places I’ve played and the money I’ve made Still I’ve got nothing to showAnd the only thing that I have left in the whole wide world Is youYou put […]

Red Rag Top

[Verse 1:] I was twenty and she was eighteen,we were just as wild as we were green, in the ways of the worldshe picked me up in that red rag top,we were free of the folks and hiding from the cops,on a summer night runnin’ all the red lightswe parked way out in a clearin’in […]

I Keep It Under My Hat

It looks a little weathered, so it looks good on meBut since you’ve left I’m wearin’ this old hat differentlyPain, wind, rain and sun, it keeps out all but one So I keep the brim pulled downWhenever those teardrops come aroundSo nobody else can seeJust what your memory does to meI know I can’t hideBut […]

Tears In The Rain

It was rainin’ hard in Houston when I ran into herI searched for conversation but I was lost for wordsThen a cloud of tear filled memories came crashin’ down on meIf it hadn’t been for the pourin’ rain I’m sure she would have seen Tears in the rainHidin’ the painMaybe she’d come backIf she could […]

Memory Lane

People ask me What you doin’ sonYou’re gonna drive yourself insaneYou’ll never find the sunshineWhen you’re followin’ the rainSeems like I’d take a new roadAfter all these yearsBut I wind up on the same old trail of tears I’m still walkin’ down Memory Lane‘Cuz I know I’ll be runnin’ into youReminiscin’ through the painRecallin’ things […]

Ain't No Angels

I’ve lead a lifetime fightin’ this landWorkin’ for nothin with these dry, callused handsI’m a slave to the sun, It ain’t cuttin’ me no slackGets me beggin’ whenever I look back Ain’t no glory in this livin’Ain’t no runnin’ from your sinsI hope there’s angels where I’m goin’Ain’t no angels where I’ve been Three generations […]