Captain Hook

Verse One: Tash I knew this nigga by the name of Captain HookWho had a record deal but no lyrics in his bookBut everywhere you looked he had a poster for his singleThe one he bit the oldie track and stole the oldie jinglejangle, but I be comin from a different angleCause I want that […]

Can't Tell Me Shit

Verse One: E-Swift I stop by the club, cuz it ain’t shit else to do itI’m on the guestlist, it’s E-Swift plus twoStepped to the bar, cuz, it’s a bad habitOpen mic night, so, the Liks gots to grab itCheck the mic, it sounds tight soI guess we might rock the motherfucker all night yoThe […]

Bar Code

[Tash]The drunken funk’n has returnedLet’s take it back to the old school one time y’all, uhhYa fuckin with me? Damn right y’all fuck with us boy(Shotglass, ha! Ain’t it drunk) Alkaholiks, say what?(Yo Tash, smack these niggaz up!) With my Alkaholik style still comin of ageFree as a bird the beer fly on stageAin’t here […]

Bottoms Up

Intro: Tash Yes yes yes yes yes yeah-he-ha-ha-ha!Back to drown ya’ll motherfuckaz!Who we got, we got, we gotWe got the Liks, we got the Liks, we got the LiksCause MC’s in ninety-five, MC’s in ninety-fiveMC’s in ninety-five that think they rock likeMC’s in ninety-five, MC’s in ninety-fiveMC’s in ninety-five that swear they rock live Verse […]

Rockin' With the Best

[Tash] Uhh… ahh, uhh uhh[J-Ro] Uhh, ah one two[Tash] Check it out[J-Ro] Ah one two and ah, ah one two[Tash] It’s Tha Liks[J-Ro] Ah yes yes, you’re now rockin with the best Yes yes, you’re now rockin with the best Uhh, come from the what? Yes, you’re now rockin with the best[Def’] One two, Defari’s […]

Aww Shit!

Chorus: Tash Now when you see me gettin drunk it’s like "aww shit!"When you hear this likwid funk it’s like "aww shit!"When I’m pushin through the crowd it’s like "aww shit!"There goes CaTashTrophe, Tha Alkahol-iks Verse One: Tash Now my objective with this rhymin is to take words and bounce emAnd twist em up so […]

Funny Style

J-Ro: Yo, I’m from Killa CaliI wrote this rhyme in an alleyThe tall can MC stepping fresh out the valleyI’m hella fresh comin straight through your chestI blow a hole in you soul, I’m constantly on a rollCuz in order to survive, you gots to have driveLike a rental, but I’ma call you Ben cuz […]

Only When I'm Drunk

Intro: Tash, speaking to J-Ro Yo whassup man, get up man [*urrp* I can’t bust man]Get up nigga, bust [I’m fucked]Get up you gotta do your verse nigga[Aight I’ll try it] Get up nigga! Verse One: J-Ro I get drunk and I stumble to the phoneAnd conjure up a bitch to bone when I’m aloneOHh […]