Is someone there, I can hear you breathingI know your out there I can hear you breathing wrong wayWith all my heart with all my soul you’ll stay who could complain whenIf all this goes as planned I know, you’ll stay with meNo, please stay, if all this goes as planned I know we’ll stay […]


Sold the instructions to their souls, as they bask in the material worldSo many things that I would like to change andI am bending over backwards and it’s just like everyone tries so hard to stayAt least about an arms length away, don’t you remember what you wanted anymoreI know I stayed youngSo there’s haunting […]

Arctic Ocean

Stained and afraid that this won’t ever go awayEngulfed inside a blaze of memoriesAnd the strain of digging holes, is beginning to take it’s tollAnd I saw this coming, when you started running over my dreams but isn’t it funnyIt eats at me slowly and I found redemption in sufferingAnd it’s just like you to […]

Tabula Rasa

The kid next door is defective, the trees are rotting and bending to the groundWatch the un-tainted innocence, collapse into lewd misfortunesAnd I swear, but the truth feels so emptyAnd I run, but there’s darkness everywhereParalyzed you can’t seeParanoid you can’t sleepThrough the lies that surround youParalyzed you can’t breathParanoid you can’t sleepThrough the lies […]

Silent Acquiescence Of Millions

Always feeling so uncomfortable, and the situation tends to be predictableHope slips through trained fingers, It’s how it’s always beenI can’t seem to tear myself away, been living in the past with my mistakesBut I always find a way to numb the tension, bury thoughts aloneUnder the skin to hide the damage done to my […]

Something More

The worst is yet to come, so vulnerable and dumb say the words and I’ll dissolveTell me how long should this last I’ve been forgetting how to act andThese memories will burn like gasolineAnd I believe there’s something more cause this isn’t what I’ve been looking forIf I blink my eyes I’m afraid I might […]


Lie awake completely satisfied and let the sweat run through my hairWell, I haven’t felt this way in quite some time, when I look over your not therePain I won’t let you slip away, no everybody makes mistakes sometimesEveryone here knows this is killing meIt tears the soul straight from my spine, but in the […]

Passive Resistor

Cozy in this home, burnt up swollen painsFear is on the plate but you can’t recognize the danger that you’ve gotten yourself inDo as I’m told not for longBut on the mattress, I had a good timeI can’t remember she wore the same brands as everyone elseThat’s why I don’t mind if she deciphers the […]