Bring It On

Bring it onAt first I didn’t have the will to carry onIllusions in my mindLike that picture when you feel you can’t go onLike you’ve been left behindLife goes on, nowTake me to that funky place where you and I were born.Carry on, nowPsychedlic tendencies of love will bring it onBring it onBring it on, […]

State Of Grace

So strangeIt’s funny howWe came to meetThose eyes uncannyWere my invitationI couldn’t waitI couldn’t waitTo hold you like a babyIs this what it feels likeYou are here nowOh but ICan’t seem to find our state of graceWho knows tomorrow may never comeOne touch, one look that is all it takesThese things forever change usThis is […]


The princess and the liarHer dress is catchin’ fireDaddy’s little lemon ain’tAll she’s meant to beI almost made you jumpThe trust you so desireMy love is tasting bitter’cause it almost set you freeThe princess and the liarHer dress is catchin’ fireDaddy’s little lemon ain’tAll she seems to meYou’re heading for the crashIt’ll be right here […]

Just Like You Said

HmmmmmmmmmmmmI,I amSo unsureEvery minute that waitsEvery second that I’m awayFrom youAnd loveIs a way thatHas no rulesKnow that I’m loving youEven if it’sA fool that waits in vainWaits in vainYesterday it hit meI felt we were slipping awaySay you if you can it’s okayJust like you said way thenSometimes I fallAnd I feel likeI don’t […]

Future Love Paradise

But if only you could see themYou would know from their facesThere were kings and queensFollowed by princes and princessesThere were future power peopleFrom the loved to the lovelessShining a light ’cause they wanted it seenWell there were cries of whyFollowed by cries of why notCan IReach out for you if that feels good to […]

Prayer For The Dying

Fearless people,Careless needle.Harsh words spoken,And lives are broken.Forceful ageing,Help me I’m fading.Heaven’s waiting,It’s time to move on.Crossing that bridge,With lessons I’ve learned.Playing with fire,And not getting burned.I may not know what you’re going through.But time is the space,Between me and you.Life carries on… it goes on.Just say die,And that would be pessimistic.In your mind,We can […]

Kiss From A Rose

There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea.You became the light on the dark side of me.Love remained a drug that’s the high and not the pill.But did you know,That when it snows,My eyes become large andThe light that you shine can be seen.Baby,I compare you to a kiss from a rose […]