I Know

I know, you love the song but not the singerI know, you’ve got me wrapped around your fingerI know, you want the sin without the sinnerI knowI know I know, the past will catch you up as you run fasterI know, the last in line is always called a bastardI know, the past will catch […]

Hang On To Your IQ

Chinese masseuse, comes between ustalks in haikus, plastic venus.Got a headrush, in her pockettwo rubbers two lubes, and a silver rocket Hang on, hang onto your IQ, to your IDhang on, hang onto your IQ, to your ID I’m lonely Every morning, my eyes will open wideI gotta get high, before I go outside.Roll another, […]

Special K

Coming up beyond beliefOn this coronary thiefMore than just a leitmotifMore chaotic, no reliefI’ll describe the way I feelWeeping wounds that never healCan the savior be for realOr are you just my seventh seal? No hesitation, no delayYou come on just like special KJust like I swallowed half my stashI never ever want to crashNo […]

Johnny & Mary

Johnny’s always running around, trying to find certainty.He needs all the world to confirm, that he aint lonely Mary counts walls, knows he tires easily Johnny thinks the world would be right, if it would buy, truth from him.Mary says he changes his mind, more than a woman. But she made her bed, even when […]

Days Before You Came

Days before you cameFreezing cold and emptyTowns that change their nameAnd a horn of plenty Days before you cameCounting breaths inside me Even crack cocaineCouldn’t start to hide meWon’t you join me nowBaby’s looking torn and frayedJoin the masqueradeJoin the masqueradeWon’t you join me nowBaby’s looking to get laidJoin the masqueradeJoin the masquerade Days before […]

Flesh Mechanic

He tries to embrace hershe wants him to race herhe needs a laserto get it through her skullmeans and lies and hatredstears that fall in sequencecold caressimprintsconversation growing dull Says he’s a poetlousy protozoanand he kisses ass for freeI took a vow of silencewhen he tries to talk to meI just turn on the tv […]

Evil Dildo

The voices you hear on Evil Dildo were taken from Brian’s answer machine…Hey motherf**ker, I’m after you. I know where you live. I will f**k you up the ass and I will sneak into your room and cut your cock offand stuff it in my mouth and chew it up with my little teeth.

Commercial For Levi

You’re the one who’s always choking TrojanYou’re the one who’s always bruised and broken Sleep may be the enemyBut so’s another lineIt’s a remedyYou should take more time You’re the one who’s always choking trojanYou’re the one who’s showers always goldenSpunk & bestiality well it’s an Assisi lieIt’s ahead of me You should close your […]


Your eyes are almost deadcan’t get out of bed And you can’t sleep You’re sitting down to dressand you’re a mess You look in the mirror You look in your eyes Then you realize Everybody goesleaving thosewho fall behind Everybody goesas far as they can They don’t just care They stood on the stairs Laughing […]


I was hanging from a treeUnaccustomed to such violenceJesus looking down on meI’m prepared for one big silence How’d I ever end up hereMust be through some lack of kindnessAnd it seemed to dawn on meHaemoglobin is the key Haemoglobin is the keyTo a healthy heart beatHaemoglobin is the keyTo a healthy heart beat At […]