Breathe Tonight

I know you think you’ve got me figured outBut you’re about to see what it’s all aboutI can’t keep quiet much longerBut it will stay beneath your breath I’m sure [Chorus:]I can’t take you waistin my timeI can’t keep on hearing those liesSo step back and watch me breathe tonight Where’s the logic in your […]

I'll Stand Up

Our children are dyingAnd our homes are goneOur wives are cryingIt’s been too long [Chorus:]And I’ll stand up and take that chanceTo kill a friend, I have to doAnd I stand up and take that chanceTo kill a friend, I have to do On the playgroundThere’s blood in the sandAnd in the hideoutThere’s a gun […]

Any Day Now (Megan's Song)

There’s a girl I want to be mineI want to have her all the timeI’m gonna let her see what’s hereAnd make sure she’ll always be nearWe laugh about Snickers BarsShe’s gonna be a T.V. starOut of style is just her typeAnd that’s whey I could be right [Chorus:]Any day nowIn some old fashioned wayI’m […]

Be Me

When I step to stardom will you lose your touchWhen veins are open and filled with the answerCan you find the rent that will do you inThe drug that feeds you will starve you in the end [Chorus:]Wouldn’t you love to see me nowWouldn’t you love to be me So now you’re perfect with the […]

I Can Be The Death In You

You thought that you’d be hurt in the processOf leaving it all behindWhat did they tell you to make it warped with more timeSo sleep with one eye open – so I can see those baby blues [Chorus:]You seemed so fine that last time I saw youYou seemed so fine watching the sunsetYou looked so […]


What makes you think that all you needed was a lifeThe things you dreamed can’t be mistaken for goodAnd I’ve been bleeding every color but redIt’s time you stand up and see what you have done [Chorus:]And its like shrapnel on your time bomb dayAnd its like shrapnelAnd its like shrapnel on your time bomb […]

Sleepless Nights

[Chorus:]I might not buy you a diamond ringStill I don’t need your sympathySo all I’ve got, I give to youAnd all I need all I need is you I want to be the only good in your morningThe tight in your sleepI want to be the only good in your nightThe only one to see […]

Don't Cry For Us

It’s hard to know just what to do in times like theseIt’s hard to know just what to sayAnd I’m just sitting here just asking myself whyIt’s good to know you feel the same And I believeI wanna be your everythingAnd anything you need. [Chorus:]Don’t cry for us tonightDon’t cry we’ll be all rightIf I […]