Art In Me

I’mages on the sidewalk speak of dream’s decentWashed away by storms to graves of cynical lamentDirty canvases to call my ownProtest limericks carved by the old pay phone In your picture book I’m trying hard to seeTurning endless pages of this tragedySculpting every move you compose a symphonyYou plead to everyone, "see the art in […]

Boy On A String

The marionetter has your numberPulling your arms and legs till you can’t stand on your ownDragging your conscience on the stageand your heart gets rearrangedand you cannot tell your mentor from your MakerLook at the crowds bleeding with laughterOver the way you entertain at beckon callThey don’t see behind the lights, or the painted backgroundsThey […]

No One Loves Me Like You

Collapsing was much softerStill falling always hurtOnly after sensing your loveFor always ever burnedYou justified my follyMy affluent disguiseRemoved revealing nothingYet nothing unforgiven liesUnforgiven lies No one loves me like youNo one loves me the way you doNo one loves me like youNo one loves me the way, the way that you do To touch […]


Don’t try to reach me, I’m already deadThe pain when it grips me, for things that I’ve done Well I try to make you proud, but for crying out loudJust give me a chance to hide awayExhaustion takes over, will this someday be over? [Chorus:] Fearful tears are running downThe pain you’ve laid don’t speak […]


It’s not my problem anymoreYou see it never really wasSo you can stop ‘caring’ as you call itand I’ll be fine right here You see that I can play a pretty convincing roleSo I don’t need you, I don’t think I need you [Chorus:] But you see through my forever liesAnd you are not believingAnd […]


Cynical, just your wayYou play the doubting ThomasFeel the scars and wipe the stains So you fight, and retreatAnd talk yourself out of believingin any peace that you can’t see Blind words you callBlind words will fall You’re logical, you can’t findany reason to believe in loveyou are blind Crucify, and deny, pass the blame […]

Can't Erase It

God, I admit I haven’t changedPlaying card houses still covering my landscapeI never expected You to stayWhen I’m grabbing for these crumbs and cold loose change I feel Your grace come running over every roadI love the way You’re calling overflowI feel Your grace come running over every roadYou break the floodgates down and carry […]

I Need You

[verse]Strangely out of placeThere’s a light filling this roomWhere none would follow beforeI can’t deny it burns me up insideI fan the flames to melt Away my prideDo I want shelter from the rainOr the rain to wash me way? [chorus]I need you, I need you, I need youI need you, I need you, I […]