Blood Brothers

And if you’re taking a walk throughthe garden of lifeWhat do you think you’d expect youwould see?Just like a mirror reflecting themoves of your lifeAnd in the river reflections of me Just for a second a glimpse of myfather I seeAnd in a movement he beckons to meAnd in a moment the memories arethat remainAnd […]

Strange World

The only place where you can dream,living here is not what it seems.Ship of white light in the sky,nobody there to reason why. Here I am, I’m not really there,smiling faces ever so rare.A let’s walk in deepest space,living here just isn’t the place.Stalks of light come from the ground,when I cry there isn’t a […]

Ghost Of The Navigator

I have sailed to many lands now I makemy final journeyOn the bow I stand, west is where I goThrough the night I plough stilt my heart,calculate and prayAs the compass swings my will is strongI will not be led astrayMysteries of time clouds that hide the sunBut I know, I know I see the […]

Charlotte The Harlot

Giving a swish with your arse in the air, don’t you know what they’re saying?Charlotte you’re so refined when you take all the love that they’re giving.Sticking with every man that you find, don’t you know what they’re after?Charlotte you’ve got your legs in the air, don’t you hear all the laughter? Refrén:Charlotte the Harlot […]

Dream Of Mirrors

Have you ever feltThe future is the pastBut you don’t know how…?A reflected dreamOf a captured timeIs it really now, is it really happening? Don’t know why I feel this wayHave I dreamt this time, this place?Something vivid comes into my mindAnd I think I’ve seen your faceSeen this room, been in this placeSomething vivid […]

Brave New World

Dying Swans twisted wingsBeauty not needed hereLost my love, lost my lifeIn this garden of fearI have seen many thingsIn a lifetime aloneMother love is no moreBring this savage back home Wilderness house of painMakes no sense of it allClose this mind dull this brainMessiah before his fallWhat you see is not realThose who know […]

Phantom Of The Opera

I’ve been looking so long for you now you won’t get away from my grasp.You’ve been living so long in hiding in hiding behind that false mask.And you know and I know that you ain’t got long now to last.Your looks and your feelings are just the remains of your past.You’re standing in the wings, […]

Sign Of The Cross

Eleven saintly shrouded mensilhouettes stand against the skyone in front with a cross held highcome to wash my sins away Standing alone in the wind and rainfeeling the fear that is growingSensing the change in the tide againbrought by the storm that is brewingFeel the anxiety hold off the fearsome of the doubt in the […]