Baby You're So Fine

When I see you, uh huh, my heart fills with flamesWhen I met you, uh huh, my body went lameNow that I know you, uh huh, I just wanna screamAnd baby don’t you know, you’ve got a special qualitya special qualityBaby you’re so fineOh I’m so glad you’re mineBaby you’re so fine, ohBaby you’re so […]

Can't Stop

Oh yeah, yeahCan’t stop thinking about youCan’t stop thinking about you Morning, day, or night I tremble at your sightIt’s impossible to fight, I’ve triedNow you’re in my head and your mind I’ve readCould recite the words you’ve said, now I Can’t stop thinking about youI can’t get you off my mindNo, I can’t stop […]

Bridges Of Stone

You can only push someone so farYou can only break so many heartsIt used to be love on anotherNow it’s lust for your loverBaby, I was trying to burn bridges of stone You can only waitYou can only wait so longYou can only wait, you can only wait so longIn this game we play, can’t […]

Rockin'around The Christmas Tree

Oh, whoa, ohRockin around the Christmas treeAt the Christmas party hopMistletoe hung where you can seeEvery couple tries to stopRockin around the Christmas treeLet the Christmas spirit ringLater we’ll have some pumpkin pieAnd we’ll do some carollingYou will get a sentimental feelin when you hearVoices singing, let’s be jollyDeck the halls with boughs of hollyRockin […]

Lonely Boy

He’s looking in the spring,Looking for another lonely heart,Trying to find the missing part.It’s flown and the wind starts blowin’It’s going inside his heart, he’s all alone.And his heart is gone. Chorus: Is there no one who could love a lonely boy?And at the end of the day,There is no one to hold his hand. […]

Lonely Again

You’re supposed to give more than you takeYou had my heart on your plateYou stopped loving me so fastThere are stories left untoldYou act like they’re all oldBut then you and IWe belong together againAnd I said Whoa oh, sha na naWhoa oh, sha na naWhoa ohI think I’m feeling lonely againWhoa oh, sha na […]

Magic Carpet Ride

I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machineOn a cloud of sound I drift in the nightAny place it goes is rightGoes far, flies near, to the stars away from here Well, you don’t know what we can findWhy don’t you come with me little girlOn a magic carpet rideYou don’t know […]

Gimme Some Lovin' / Shake A Tail Feather

Well, my temp’rature’s risin’Got my feet on the floorTwenty people rockin’ sayin’ more more more!Come on, pretty baby, I don’t know what you’ve gotBut you’d better take it easyThis place is hotAnd I’m so glad we made itSo glad we made itWon’t you come onGimme some lovin’Gimme some lovin’Gimme some lovin’Gimme some lovin’Gimme some lovin’ […]