Let Him Fly

Ain’t no talkin’ to this manAin’t no pretty other sideAin’t no way to understand the stupid words of prideIt would take an acrobat and I already tried all thatI’m gonna let him fly -mmm Things can move at such a paceThe second hand just waved goodbyeYou know the light has left his faceBut you can’t […]

Hole In My Head

Hole in my headhole in my headI need a boy like you like a hole in my headI need a boy like you like a hole in my headLet’s just say we will and then don’t instead Wild goose chaseWild goose chaseYou’re gonna take me boy on a wild goose chaseYou’re gonna take me boy […]

Sin Wagon

He pushed me ’roundnow I’m drawin’ the lineHe lived his lifenow I’m gonna go live mineI’m sick on wastin’ my timeWell now I’ve been good for way too longFound my red dress and I’m gonna throw it onI’ve got nothin’ to lose and nothin’ to gain‘Bout to get too far gone Praise the Lord and […]

More Love

I’m so close to you babyBut I’m so far awayThere’s a silence between usAnd there’s so much to sayYou’re my strength, you’re my weaknessYou’re my faith, you’re my doubtWe gotta meet in the middleTo work this thing out More love, I can hear our hearts cryin’More love, I know that’s all we needMore love, to […]

Hello Mr. Heartache

Hello Mr. Heartache, I’ve been expecting youCome in and wear your welcome outThe way you always doYou never say if you’re here to stayOr only passin’ throughSo hello Mr. Heartache,I’ve been expecting you When I don’t feel like companyYou make yourself at homeEven though you knowI’d rather be aloneLove walked out on meAnd didn’t even […]

Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)

Dragon tales and the "water is wide" Pirate’s sail and lost boys fly Fish bite moonbeams every nightAnd I love you Godspeed, little man Sweet dreams, little man Oh my love will fly to you each night on angels wings GodspeedSweet dreams The rocket racer’s all tuckered outSuperman’s in pajamas on the couchGoodnight moon, we’ll […]

A Home

I mistook the warnings for wisdomFrom so called friends quick to adviseThough your touch was telling me otherwiseSomehow I saw you as a weaknessI thought I had to be strongOh but I was just young, I was scared, I was wrong Not a night goes byI don’t dream of wanderingThrough the home that might have […]

I Believe In Love

I made a promise to myselfLocked it away deep down insideTold my heart we’d wait it outSwore we’d never compromiseOh I’d rather be aloneLike I am tonightThan settle for the kind of loveThat fades before the morning light Silence stared me in the faceAnd I finally heard its voiceIt seemed to softly sayThat in love […]