Are you Ready?

Hey, Mr. Seeker hold on to this advice If you keep seeking you will find Don’t want to follow Down roads been walked before It’s so hard to find unopened doors Are you ready? Are you ready? For whats to come…Oh I said Are you ready? Are you Ready?…For whats to come Hey, Mr. Hero […]

Pity For A Dime

An artificial seasonCovered by summer rainLosing all my reasonCause there’s nothing left to blameShadows paint the sidewalkA living picture in a frameSee the sea of peopleAll their faces look the same So I sat down for awhileForcing a smileIn a state of self-denialIs it worthwhileSell my pity for a dimeYeah, Just one dimeSell my pity […]


Caught up in the middleHad no choice, had no choiceBirthright forgotten, so silentNo voiceI see youYou know whoLittle girl, little girlNow realize little girlOverlooked little girlBottled up and empty holding backAt loss you’re forgottenGetting back, get backExpectations of anotherLove given to the youngerBroken father, broken brotherEmptiness feeds the hungerI see youYou know whoLittle sister, little […]

Never Die

Hands on a window pane Watching some children laugh and playThey’re running in circles With candy canes and French braids Inspired to question What makes us grown-ups anyway? Let’s search for the moment When youth betrayed itself to age So let the children play Inside your heart always And death you will defy ‘Cause your […]


The sun rises to another dayMy constitution keeps changing‘Til it slips awaySo I lie awake and stareMy mind thinking, just wanderingIs anybody there?Should I stay or go Should I sleep or stay awakeAm I really happy or is it allJust an illusion Sitting in my room nowHiding thoughtsJust hoping one day I’ll get outI hear […]

In America

Only in AmericaWe’re slaves to be freeOnly in America we kill the unbornTo make ends meetOnly in AmericaSexuality is democracyOnly in America we stamp our god"In God We Trust" What is right or wrongI don’t know who to believe inMy soul sings a different songIn AmericaWhat is right or wrongI don’t know who to believe […]

Stand Here With Me

You always reached out to me and helped me believeAll those memories we shareI will cherish every one of themThe truth of it is there’s a right way to liveAnd you showed meSo now you live on in the words of a songYou’re a melody You stand here with me now Just when fear blinded […]


Walking around I hear the earth seekihng reliefI’m trying to find a reason to liveBut the mindless clutter my pathOh these thorns in my sideI know I have something freeI have something so aliveI think they shoot cause they want it I feel forces all around meCome on raise your headThose who hide behind the […]