American Girls

She comes out on Fridays every time Stands out in a line I could have been anyone she’d seen She waits another week to fall apart She couldn’t make another day I wish it was anyone but me I could have been anyone you see She had something breakable just under her skin American girls […]

St. Robinson In His Cadillac Dream

Staring out of his window as the world rushes byArthur Robinson closes the glass and replies,"I dream of Ballerinas and I don’t know whyBut I see Cadillac’s sailing" And I was born on the shores of the Chesapeake BayBut Maryland and Virginia have faded awayAnd I keep thinking tomorrow is coming todaySo I am endlessly […]


All dressed up No place to go Hey monkey, when you gonna show your face around me? I know all the wrongs and rights And I just want a little light to fall on me Hey monkey, where you been? This lonely spiral I’ve been in Hey monkey, when can we begin? Hey monkey, where […]


Start tearing the old man down Run past the heather and down to the old road Start turning the grain into the ground Roll a new leaf over In the middle of the night there’s an old man Treading around in the gathered rain Hey mister if you want to walk on water Would you […]

Another Horsedreamers' Blues

Margery’s dreaming of the middle of the day Tiyuri to win Perfect Dozen to place Money is the matter that’s been on her mind Time ticks by her one race at a time She’s tryin’ to be a good girl And give ’em what they want But Margery’s dreaming of horses Lookin’ at a green […]

Hard Candy

On certain Sundays in November When the weather bothers me I empty drawers of other summer’s Where my shadows used to be She is standing by the water As her smile begins to curl In this or any other summer She is something all together different Never just an ordinary girl And in the evenings […]

Sullivan Street

Take the way home that leads back to Sullivan Street Cross the water and home through the town Past the shadows that fall down wherever we meet Pretty soon now I won’t come around I’m almost drowning in her sea She’s nearly fallen to her knees Take the way home Take the way home that […]

Black And Blue

Fading everything to black and blue You look a lot like you Shatter in the blink of an eye You keep sailing right on through Every time you say you’re learning You just look a lot like me Pale under the blistering sky White and red Black and blue You’ve been waiting a long time […]