Baby these are an awful lot of maybe’sDon’t kid yourself, are you still hopingI’ve got the devil on my sideHe’ll put a plan into my mind Can you see the posse moving onThey’re coming after us on their horses moving onThem caballeros are so busy moving onThey should have picked a better time moving onFor […]

Before My Head explodes

I go walking to the sunWhenever I go wrongBeen going on too long Please I know repeat it after me I knowThis stuff that makes me see I knowYou’re better off than me I know I’ll go walking to the sunIt shouldn’t be too longBefore my head explodesI’ll be traveling againI’ll live to see the […]

My Loss

Life is a station, unto heaven aboveAnd together with my patienceI have now lost my loveMy loss and I’m sorry for it I would like to come on overGive some sense to it all, it allFor attempting different stationsAnd it bothers me soMy loss, I’ll be waiting for youGive me someone who can clean up […]

Sore spots

I stop, my memory is nothing but a gallery of sore spots Can’t you see I carry on but I don’t wanna hold on to the retrospective life I don’t wanna overestimate this time, time, time, time It’s stuck, that’s for sure Can’t do this, follow that, life is so imperfect, almost human, just like […]


Shoot it like a gunFor you’ve never been so wrongYou’ve been taken it too farOnly out to surviveAnd it’s heavy to endureYeah, we need a lifesupport And every single day, came as it wasIt’s only fair to say, leave me out for a whileCause it’s heavy to endureYou’re way beyond repair And the price you […]

Ana Nomaly

Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly, Ana NomalyOne two three fourOne two three four You turned out to be just a little cynicalI’mpolite and, oh, most of allYou can swearMy girl, everywhere you go I’ll beAna Nomaly You have proved to be just a little difficultHad me amazed, messed up for daysYou’ve got the mood swings of […]


Does anybody know this illnes that I’ve caught I feel so devastated like I haven’t slept all night And oh what I’ve got has paralysed my thoughts Somebody reassure me that I’m gonna be all right I wanna see you tonight You gotta know what a fool can cover up inside You gotta know what […]

I don't know you

This one goes out to the other For I just never realised How I used to take it all on me Despite the fact it wasn’t mine I don’t know you like I used to I can’t accept this state of mind It don’t feel to good , I can assure you To know I […]