As I Come Back

Here we come yo, here we go (Its goin on now) – [3x]Busta Rhymes nigga, here we goFlipmode nigga, here we goNeptunes nigga, here we goOnce again my niggas, here we goArrrrah! [Verse 1]Come on, guess whos back in town,Bitches get on the dance floor and pull ya shit on doownnah!From miles around,I been fuckin […]

Bounce (Let Me See Ya Throw It)

[Busta Talking]Bounce, Bounce, Bounce niggasCome on bounce, come on bounce, bounceCome on bounce bitches, come on bounceCome on bounce, come on bounceEverybody bounce niggas, come on bounceWhat come on, come onI’m sayin bounce bitches, come on bounce now [Verse 1]Yes, yes yall, you know we talkin it allSee how we bringin the street corner to […]

Street Shit

[Busta Rhymes]Yeah.. this one appears to be very forceful..Very forceful.. yeah, here we go nowNiggaz, bitches, where you at talk Thug niggaz let me see y’all, yeahHah, before we slap niggaz silly with somethinand put you out your misery and your sufferinUh-oh! Yeah, and just for frontin, you got me bustin two nines with one […]


[CHORUS]What this world is comin to, to, toCan you see, see, see, seeWhat’s in store for you, for you, you, you, you, you, you, you [Verse 1]Yo, right before I lay your soul to sleepWitness the day of your wreckin and wit god on the streetBehold! What the fuck y’all niggas come around here forWe […]

Gimme Some More

YeahAs a shorty playing in the front yard of the cribFell down, and I bumped my headSomebody helped me up and asked me if I bumped my headI said "Yeah"So then they said "Oh so that mean we gon, you gon switch it on em’?"I said "Yeah, Flipmode, Flipmode is the greatest"Knowing as a shorty, […]

Ill Vibe

Verse One: Busta Rhymes My rhymes profess life like the birds and the beesMake Funk-Master Flex say yo I’m feeling theseFlows make you shit in your drawrs. Change your dungareesSmoking trees, getting cottonmouth, wild muncheesBowed down the block eating food at Luigi’sConstipated… too much extra cheeseWell anyway, while I was cooling down at Luigi’sI met […]

How Much We Grew

[Intro:]yeah this next joint right here…is dedicated to all my niggas that I loveall the niggas that held it down with me through the whole shitfrom the beginning of the fort, to the now current day of the fortfrom the beginning and the birth of this whole shitto the now success of this whole shitand […]

So Hardcore

Zigga(7x)Ha ha ha, yoYa’ll(25x) Yo, I walk through brick wallsFuck around hijack your whole shopping mallsI be rippin shit, that’s my word bondScream then I watch the whole planet earth respondDo just what ya told The remote controlCrash cars and shitYa know how we roleWhen I tumble and drive then you reply my my my […]

Bad Dreams

[Busta Rhymes]Yo me and my niggas and my clique be getting mad creamBalling the club, now I’m drunk having a bad dreamThis mothafucker tried to greet me with wealthI never knew that I would see that day that I would meet the devil himselfThis nigga was eagerly waiting to prove itAstonishingly, already dancing to his […]

Iz They Wildin' Wit' Us & Getting' Rowdy Wit'

ft. Mystikal Yeah yeahFix that guitar shitYeah [25x]Ay yo Mystikal(Here I go wha)Iz they getting’ rowdy wit’ usIz they wildin’ wit usYeah yeahFlipmode nigga (wha)No Limit nigga (wha)Flipmode nigga (wha)No Limit nigga (wha)Flipmode niggaYo yo yo (Here we go) [Mystikal:] Coincide with yo boy check out with no linesOn yo boy look out but don’t […]