Black and Blue

[Sadat X]Cool-ass Al, he got a badge from the neighborhood yoFly police car, the ninety-two mod-el.. now check it outNow Al used to rob, used to smoke, used to stealand he rolled a mean game of diceA factor boostin he was nice as he proved on the daily tipat Macy’s, he and this kid up […]

Dance to My Ministry

[GPM] Peace God![LJM] Aiyyo peace[GPM] What’s the science?[LJM] Elevation[GPM] You gettin ready to drop math on this?[LJM] True indeed my brother[GPM] Well it’s time to start the revolution[LJM] Aight, so let’s start this [Lord Jamar]See it’s a positive force which guides my courseIt ain’t Little Bo Peep, who’s sheep Little lostIt’s the Tribe, the God […]

Allah U Akbar

Verse One: Sadat X This is the stick up boom music for styles to flow freeBut y’all know it’s me or could you tell by the spreeThe deuce crew of the new, yeah makes the whole shit clear yeahGive the question, I’m tired of brothers guessinThe Nubian brought the X a lot of fameBut wouldn’t […]

Allah and Justice

Peace to the Gods, peace to the Earths Peace to the positive people of the universe Brand Nubian came to work it like this Ya see, each, and every day Each, and ev-ery wa-ay We’re gonna show and prove Teach you the righteous way Peace, to All-ah, and justice, and ju-stice, justice!Peace, to All-ah, and […]


Intro: Sadat X Ha, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahYo, straight from the wilds of The Bronx, it’s Buckwild, y’knowI’msayin?And that kid Sadat X born king, doin my thingKnowI’msayin? I let’cha know how it is in my lifestyle everyday Verse One: Sadat X Lately yo, I been walkin tightropesIt’s an adventure everyday as I walk down the […]

Don't Let It Go To Your Head

[Grand Puba]Now a lot of people think this is easy as it looksBooks and books of rhyme concepts and hooksSession to session to get thoughts manifestedStressin and stressin to hit the world with a blessinLot of people often ask, "Puba how you givin back?"The way I give back is through the knowledge of my rapslike […]

Slow Down

Slow down (repeat 3X) Verse one: Derrick X (Sadat X) Hey baby your hips is getting bigNow you’re getting thin you don’t care about your wigNow Woolie Willie got a pair of my sneakersI wonder where he got ’em cause I hid ’em behind my speakersThe object of your affection is the tree-top connectionOr basically […]

Down For The Real

Intro: Y’all niggas hurry up. Go in there, buck them niggas and get the fuck out,don’t be playin, dogg playin, yahearwhutI’msayin? Kill them niggas and getthe fuck back so we can stay ballin, we’ll be chillin right here"Eh nigga, I wanna know if you’re ready to do this shit? You ready to dothis shit or […]

Sweatin Bullets

Intro/Chorus: Sweatin bullets, watch me pull it on a motherfucker (Wet em up!)Sweatin bullets, wet a whole click full of suckers (Wet em up!)Sweatin bullets, watch me pull it on a motherfucker (Wet em up!)Sweatin bullets, if I flip then I’m gonna fuck it (Wet em up!)*repeat* Verse One: Sadat X For the next couple […]

Let's Dance

Intro: Busta Rhymes Brand Nubian ’98, hot shit for your assGet up everybody, make your ass move fastCheck it out, like this, check it out Let’s dance, I know you got the feelingLet’s dance, come on and get down*repeat x3* Verse One: Grand Puba One time for your mind and it just don’t stop (Hah)Chickens […]