She moves like she don’t careSmooth as silk, cool as airOoh it makes you wanna cryShe doesn’t know your nameAnd your heart beats like a subway trainOoh it makes you wanna die Ooh, don’t you wanna take her?Ooh, wanna make her all your own? Maria, you’ve gotta see herGo insane and out of your mindRegina, […]

Love At The Pier

We fell in love down at the pierYou were sunbathing, I was aroundSoon we were sharing a beerWe fell in love at the pierI’m no sentimental slob so don’t think I’m queerYou got something baby and it ain’t just my beerWell, maybe it’s the hot pants, maybe the heatOr was it the sneakers you kicked […]

Call Me

Colour me your colour, babyColour me your carColour me your colour, darlingI know who you areCome up off your colour chartI know where you’re comin’ fromCall me (call me) on the lineCall me, call me any, anytimeCall me (call me) my loveYou can call me any day or nightCall me Cover me with kisses, babyCover […]

Go Through It

She knew it about Route ThreeOh, she blew it, you know she could’ve told meHe can’t say no, he can’t ask whyGo through it, highway brideHe delivers, he’s a roadsiderHe gets no road from a back seat driverAway we go, yes or no?I love you honey, gimme a beer But just like Jerry Lee, she’s […]

Follow Me

Far from day, far from nightOut of time, out of sightIn between earth and seaWe shall fly, follow meDry the rain, warm the snowWhere the winds never goFollow me, follow meFollow me Follow me to a cave by a sapphire shoreWhere we’ll walk through an emerald doorAnd for thousands of breathless "evermore’s" my life you […]

Die Young Stay Pretty

Die young, stay prettyDie young, stay prettyDeteriorate in your own timeTell ’em you’re dead and wither awayAre you living alone or with your family?A dried up twig on your family tree?Are you waiting for the reaper to arrive?Or just to die by the hand of love?Love for youth, love for youthSo, die young and stay […]

I'm On E

I’m on E. I’m on E. I’m on E. Got nothin’ to say. I used to have a car of my ownI’m on E. I’m on E. I’m on E for England. Laid out for maybe a weekI’ve walked my feet to the boneI’d give my life for a car of my ownI’m on E. […]

Hanging On The Telephone

I’m in the phone booth, it’s the one across the hallIf you don’t answer, I’ll just ring it off the wallI know he’s there, but I just had to callDon’t leave me hanging on the telephoneDon’t leave me hanging on the telephoneI heard your mother now she’s going out the doorDid she go to work […]