Answer To Our Life

You see me sitting here, a smile upon my faceThe time has come but you know that it’s not too lateThere’s been too many things, together we have seenIt’s not too hard if we start to believeAnd we’re not gonna take anymoreCan we try to erase all the painSo please Show me a reason, give […]

How Did I Fall In Love With You?

Remember when, we never needed each otherThe best of friends likeSister and BrotherWe understood, we’d never be,Alone Those days are gone, and I want so muchThe night is long and I need your touchDon’t know what to sayI never meant to feel this wayDon’t want to beAlone tonight [chorus:]What can I do, to make it […]

I'll Be There For You

Don’t say a wordI understandYou wanna to knowIf I’m still your man Girl can’t you tellBy the touch of my handI’m gonna please youEvery way that I can? I’ll hold you…[hold you]Love you…([ove you]I’ll never let your love go(let you go, let you go)For always…[for always]I’ll stay…[I’ll stay]Just look in my eyes(oooh)and you’ll know (the […]

Tender Love

Ohh, AHHIf I layed all aloneTossin turningLonging for some of your, Tender LoveI’m wishing for the right moment to comeSo I can give you all,All the tender love you’ve given to meOh baby Tender love (Tender love)Love so sweetHold me closeOh baby I surrender (oh baby I surrender) Candles they light the dark, yes(Now I […]

Back To Your Heart

It’s not that I can’t live without youIt’s just that I don’t even want to tryEvery night I dream about youEver since the day we said goodbyeIf I wasn’t such a foolRight now I’d be holding youThere’s nothin’ that I wouldn’t doBaby if I only knew CHORUSThe words to sayThe road to takeTo find a […]


We’ve been through days of thunderSome people say they don’t belongThey try to put us underBut can we stand together and a million strong? Let’s get on with the show (Let’s get started)Turn the lights down low (Turn the lights down low)You were there from the start (You were there)We know who you areand this […]

Lean On Me

In our lives,we are happy ,We all have sorrows,but if we are right ,we know that theres always tomorrow. ChorusLean on me,when you are not strong,I’ll be your strength,I’ll help you carry onOh !It won’t be long,Till I’m gonna need somebody to lean on Just call me Brother,When you need a hand,We all need somebody […]


Late at night you called on a phone,We talked about the day,When you found out he was cheating.You tell that it hurts to the bone,To trust someone that way.To find that he was deceving,And I know I’ve always just been your friend,But if you look my way,I’ll make sure you’ll never hurt again. Do you […]