A wild ride, over stony ground Such a lust for life, the circus comes to town We are the hungry ones, on a lightning raid Just like a river runs, like a fire needs flame I burn for you I gotta feel it in my blood whoa oh I need your touch don’t need your […]

Captain Bligh

I’ll give you one good tiny reason I think you could believeI’ll give you one good tiny reason I think you could see through itI’m not the kind of man that thinks the truth could hurt meI’m not the kind of man that thinks the truth can see meYou know a little bit goes a […]


She lived at the end of a little dirt roadIn a house where secrets go untoldBarefoot in a cotton dressDark hair in a tangled messAnd a head full of crazy dreamsShe said I’m goin’ to CaliforniaA place where the sun always shinesI’m goin’ to CaliforniaAnd I’m leavin’ everything behind You can’t help but feel a […]

Brooklyn Style…Laid Out

Chorus: Big Daddy Kane Come on y’all and feel the grooveGet on down and make your moveWelcome to the funkiestBrooklyn style, laid out like this Chorus [Big Daddy Kane]I kicks the flavor good, to represent the neighborhoodwhere I come from, and that’s the place of Brooklynwhere the grimies are born and bredAnd bullets are like […]

Boys To Men

[Mr. Cheeks]Basically, LB Fam to the motherfuckin deathPark side, Queen’s niggaz representLong Isle, how we do? They new our styleRepresent niggaz in and out the P nowYo, I could do this mother shit for a whileI don’t give a fuck, my rap style be true yoYo, eh yo, yo, yo, how we do this Hey […]

Blue (Live In China)

Every day it seems my smile’s a little harderAnd every day, I seem to laugh a little lessLiving this way, it seems my sky’s a little darkerYou went away and left me lonely in success (Can’t you see I’m falling apart) [Repeat] Can’t you see what’s happenin’ to me Take this hand and show my […]


ft. Hump [Lil’ Flip talkin’]ay this is for everybodythat wanna get in the rap gamethis is for everybody that think you just get in the rap gameand blow up over nightthis is for everybody that thinkits easy to be on T.V in front of limo’sand buy rolex’s ha its better known as bleed and suck […]


They say that they don’t know meNever saw my faceAnd if they’ve never been thereCan they be sure there’s such a placeThey think if they don’t answerThe world will pass them byBut there’s a fire in their kitchenAnd the water’s three feet high and risin’ My belovedThe only one I see standing up for me […]