Lately I feel so smallOr maybe it’s just that my bed has grownI never noticed it before but you were thereSo how was I to know [bridge]That this single bedwas always meant for twonot just anyoneit was meant for me and you [chorus]and now you’re halfway around the worldand I’m just a day behindNothin seems […]


Back there somewhereI can hear her calling outI’ve got so much I can tell herShe knows I miss her,I know she thinks about me tooI just cannot wait to kiss her [bridge]On the boulevard we dancedI tell her if I get the chanceJust what all this means to meMaybe I should say we can run […]


Everybody knows if you’ve got the coolest clothesYou’ve got everybody on your sideAnyone can see if you hang around with meYou’ll be by yourself on Friday night [chorus]It’s hard to understandIf you never lose you never learn to want to winWhen it all comes downAll around you nowDon’t let it bring you down You had […]

Pictures He Drew

He got up this morningRolled out of bedAnd went out to change the worldHer head on his shoulderhe settles her downIt all started over and over again His mom made him breakfastGets on the bus goes out to see the worldHe lies on the ground, wipes blood from his noseWonders why he’s the one that […]

All Figured Out

I was the one who had shit for brainsI never took the time to noticethat I was always wrong and you weren’tYou were the one who gave up sp many thingsTook you for grantedBut you understanded It was just a phase [bridge]And I’ve got a new directionA blueprint for erection of a new lifeIt’s such […]

Dance With You

What’s it mean to be alone nowHow’s it feel to be by yourselfYou got me, I didn’t get you backthen you got me, again [chorus]You got inside through a hold in my defensesand how you fit I’ll never understandbut you got into me, and I got into youand now, I wanna do it again How’s […]


I don’t know when it all began to simmer down. Suddenly I don’t want you aroundAnd I’m sitting hereI’m drowning in the worries and the fearAnd now I wish it wasn’t quite as clear. Cause I am starting to forget nowIt disappears so fastI am waiting for “the Question” to be asked.And if you saw […]

Hang On

I used to see you every morningEven when I didn’t want toYou used to like to watch us play downtownAs long as I sang a song for you [chorus]But nothing stays the sameAnd it’s driving me insaneOh, you know we’ve got it so badAnd nothing you can sayCan make me want to stayBut still your […]