Problem Child

I am hot And when I’m not I’m cold as ice, Get out of my way, Step aside Or pay the price What I want I take What I don’t I break And I don’t want you With a flick of my knife I can change your life There’s nothing you can do ‘Cause I’m […]

Dog Eat Dog

Well it’s a dog eat dogEat cat tooThe French eat frogAnd I eat youBusinessman, when you make a dealDo you know who you can trust?Do you sign your life away?Do you write your name in dust?CHORUS:Hey, hey, hey Every dog has his dayIt’s a dog eat dogDog eat dog"Dog eat dog"Read the newsSomeone winSomeone loseUp’s […]

Hell ain't a bad place to be

Hey you –Sometimes I think this woman is kinda hotSometimes I think this woman is sometimes notPuts me down, fools me aroundWhat’s she doing to me?Out for satisfaction, any piece of actionThat ain’t the way it should beShe needs love, smells out a manShe’s gotta seePours my beer, licks my earBrings out the devil in […]

Go Down

Ruby, Ruby, where you been so longDone took to drinkin’ whiskeyBaby since you been goneAin’t no one I know do it as good as youLickin’ on that lickin’ stick the way you doYou got the lips to make a strong man weakAnd a heathen prayTell you ain’t just the way you speakYou know it’s just […]


I never smoked with no cigarettesI never drank much boozeBut I’m only a man, don’t you understandAnd a man can sometimes loseYou gave me something I never hadPulled me down with youPulled me up, think I’m in loveHope you can pull me throughCHORUS:I overdosed on youI overdosed on youCrazy but it’s trueAin’t nothing I can […]

Let There Be Rock

In the beginningBack in nineteen fifty-fiveMan didn’t know about a rock ‘n’ roll showAnd all that jiveThe white man had the smoltzThe black man had the bluesNo one knew what they was gonna doBut Tchaikovsky had the newsHe said –"Let there be light", and there was light"Let there be sound", and there was sound"Let there […]