Blood Red Skies

As the sun goes down, I move aroundKeeping to the shadowsLife, hangs by a threadAnd I’ve heard it said, that I’ll not see tomorrow If that’s my destiny, it’ll have to beSo I’ll face the futureRunning out of timeI’m on the lineBut I’ll go down fighting Felt the hand of justiceTelling wrong from rightThrew me […]

Ram It Down

Raise the sights, the city lights are callingWe’re hot tonight, the time is right, there’s nitro in the airIn the street is where we’ll meet, we’re warningOn the beat, we won’t retreat, beware Thousand of cars and a million guitarsScreaming with power in the airWe’ve found the place where the decibels raceThis army of rock […]

I'm A Rocker

The greatest times, I’ve ever knownThey’re locked inside o’ meAnd carved out of stone I’ve broken heartsMade people singI’ve drove a million milesI’ve done everything I’m a rocker, Oh ohDo as I feel as I sayI’m a rocker, Oh ohAnd no one can take that away Bring on the nightThat’s when I liveI come alive […]

Private Property

You think you’re cool and got it allYou think you run the sceneI don’t believe how you’d concieveThat your good enough for meYou think you’ve got it all sewn upBut I’ll cut you right down to sizeThe way I figure you dont existSo you’d better realize Don’t you touchDon’t get nearDon’t take me for a […]

Parental Guidance

You say I waste my life awayBut I live it to the fullHow would you know anywayYou’re just mister dullWhy don’t you get into the things we do todayYou could lose twenty years right awaySo we say We don’t need noNo no noParental guidance hereWe don’t need noNo no noParental guidance here Every day you […]

Rock You All Around The World

In the cities of the worldYou know every boy and girlGoes crazy to the beat of rock n’ rollAnd as the volume is soaringAll the crowd is roaringLet it roll Well, we don’t care in the leastCause our metal is a feastBut there’s always someone trying to put it downSo we crank the music louderAnd […]

Locked In

I can’t stand the way you move itYou drive me crazy with that walkYou get me so excitedI tremble and I shakeWhen you make the moves you make You’ve got the keyThe key to my heartGo ahead and use itDrag me in, slam the doorThen I’ll be yours, for evermore You’ve got me locked inLocked […]

Between The Hammer & The Anvil

Storm warningBut there’s no fearLies formingThe sacrament lays bare The sinnerWill testifyThey’ll sufferWhen sacrificed on high The burning sermons purge their evil wordsBetween the Hammer and the Anvil Force risesFalse ritualsBaptisesThe body and the soul Our unionTheir fall from graceConfession (confess your sins)Will seal them to their fate The burning sermons will survive their curseBetween […]