Analog Park

In the garden, in the park, on a bench, I sit.A newspaper floats on the breeze of this late summer.It is coming my way,I patiently wait. I see the sign, it’s on the roadand I think it’s crazy In the garden, of the park, on a bench, I watch.The sandy feet of the children.Pearls of […]

Morphia's Waltz

I see your eyesBlue and wide openTake your timemy divine creatureMy arms will provideundivided attention Sleep, child sleeprest your eyesuntil the sun comes upand you’ll awaketo light, everyones dayup again Rest your headin my lap, honeyThe day I weptis when I had you my love Sleep, child sleeprest your eyesuntil the sun comes upand you’ll […]


The torture won’t part youMotherly breast won’t warm youYou fail and foam from your mouthwhy is it so loud, this sound? All the sense your are capable ofdoes not seem to save youYou heed the glance of a smileWas it impossible to float for a while? Restless is carrying feverburning you to piecesIn search and […]

Colorado Incident

The magical air evaporateswhenever we float down fromthe big plateauWe are here, To let you know,our rear view mirroris full of meaning Our endless trip is now in sessionThe twelve wheel driveis overfloating with great experience You’ve heard,our rear view mirroris full of meaningHeating up,coming down with the biggest flue Our moves have set the […]

Shot To Pieces

What fine judgement I seein the eyes of our world leadersOh how beautiful life could beif it hadn’t been shot to pieces Shot to pieces What secret music do I hearupon the drums of my ear What great pleasure I feelI come from nowhere and I shall returnBecause of you people I will fleeI see […]


Outrun the fightI use to hidein quiet places I’ll rephrase my cryFor I would keep on wonderingthe rest of my life You’re all moving too fastMy biggest fear isthat we’ll never ever last I know, it’s not that easyLet’s hit the brakes Don’t take no timeUnless there’s a crimeto be committed I guess we lost […]


The day you went awayYou had to screw me overI guess you didn’t knowall the stuff you left me withis way too much to handleBut I guess you don’t care You don’t need to preachyou don’t have to love me, all the time Whatever on earth possessed youto make this bold decisionI guess you don’t […]