Probably Built In The Fifities

I might be moving to the eastto part my waysAnd I will try to get somethingI don’t have yetIf I do, I will look at itfor days and daysUntill I will never forget I have heard this mental searchhas made them alltake a look along the borderHaving the urgeFor their mindsto be liftedto something newI’m […]

Rescue Me

All I wantis to be where you areWisdomwill nurse you Pass your senseon to meWeigh my handsAnd help me I gaspfor airwhat is the wearThat shows on my face Pass your senseon to meWeigh my handsRescue me I rinse my facein waterMy breath runs outin the waves

Locked Away

No sense at alldo what you wantfor I will hunt youUntill you will be Locked away just so what you’llbe scred of meBehind my powerI will hide all my fears Right now you are punishedfor absolutely nothingAnd I feel so goodBecause once moreI don’t have to be honest With myselfWhile you’re locked away Just so […]

My Electricity

I send your nameup into the skyAnd the wind blows it back into my face You see, even naturereacts on meAnd all my electricitywill make it across your sea With every wave the sea makesMy body gets weakerand weaker…. and weaker.. You see, even naturereacts on meAnd all my electricitywill make it across your sea […]

Liberty Bell

No brainwaves or activitywhile the craft is in the airIt’s getting dark, it’s getting lightwe are sitting in a chair We have fastened every beltwe cannot float out of our seatsIt’s so enormously frighteningWhen our tail reaches superheat Another timezonea change of seasonit is turning dark againWe’re getting ready for yetanother orbit around our planet […]

Great Ocean Road

It is all thereThe earth and the oceanThey contain the powerof our lives This beautiful citythat surrendersto the nightfallCarving the groundswe walk upon And the airWe all dareto ride it somehow Blue and black is the skyWhile tumbling downTrapped into the freedomof an aeroplane Deprived of sleepwe jump into the deepWith no knowledge whatsoever There […]


I know from a lesser tribeI suppose the range of my intelligenceis way too wide And you don’t see me’cause I don’t have much to say My emotional outletis consuming the better part of meAnd apart from the wrong wordsa tortured cry is making me see That you don’t see me’cause I don’t have much […]

Red Is A Slow Colour

The black house in in my streetlooks too dark just to go insideBut when I doI cannot move because ofthe mess in the hallway The picture on the wall is chaoticI don’t want to look at itBut when I doI cannot speak because ofthe confusion in my head I am unfit and I want to […]