Lonely Lover

Girl gimmi little loving girl gimmi little loving baby come comeGirl gimmi little loving I want you to to be by my side tonightGirl gimmi little loving girl gimmi little loving baby come comeGirl gimmi little loving cant see myself alone tonightI don’t mind when you say that you’re going awayI just don’t want to […]

Leave It To Me

Uh-huhNow this one goes out to my ladyI want me and you to go on this wonderful love rondezvousHa ha ha haOne on oneGive you a little love escapade, You know what I’m saying?Mr. Lover Candlelight, dinner for twoJust me and youUnder the moon, Sailing on a summer night cruiseI mean to rock your whole […]

Luv Me, Luv Me

Original lover, lover, mm, yeah, uh (Yeah) Catch a groove girl, catch a groove, that’s right Lover, lover, lover, mmm, Shaggy, DJ A who da man dat love to make you moist and wet(Uh) A who da man dat love to make you moan and sweat (Uh) A who da man dat love to make […]

Not Fair

Boy what have you done for me I’ve been going down on you You not going down on me Girl that’s how a rude boy play sI don’t have to take you thereI can please you in other ways Across the hall neighbors hear the sound Squeak Mr. lover lover in town Carpet burns from […]

Hot Shot

[Chorus]They call me Mr hot shot baby can I do my thing Don’t stop girl I like the vibe you bring Knock knock open up and let me in We can do most anything tell me do you like my swing repeat [Verse I]Well tell me if you no hear How the reggae lover him […]

Dance & Shout

Mr. Lover, Mr. Lover, Mr. Lover Uh, uh, wellSugarHere’s another oneAnd another day Move to this, let me see you jump and twistPump your fist ’cause you know it’s hard to resistAs long you know you’re rollin’ with the lovespecialistFeel the pow, let me put the groove in your hipsThe night is young, so let’s […]


I remember, wasn’t so long ago We had a one room shack and the livin’ was low And my mama by herself raised me and my bro Wasn’t easy, but we did it with the little that go Worked hard while the suckers cool every day And kept her eyes on the stars when the […]

Hey Love

[chorus] Hey love can I get a rain checkJust 25 I’m not ready yetHey love let’s make a dealGive me some time I got a few hearts to stealHey love got more grounds to gainCan’t get stuck with a ball and a chainHey love I need to be sureCome back and see me in two […]