She's Got Balls

She’s got style that womanMakes me smile that womanShe’s got spunk that womanFunk that womanShe’s got speed my babeGot what I need my babeShe’s got the abilityTo make a man outta meCHORUS:But most important of allLet me tell yaThe lady’s got ballsShe’s got ballsShe’s got soul my ladyLikes to crawl my ladyAll around the floor […]

Big Balls

I’m ever upper class high society,God’s gift to ballroom notoriety,I always fill my ballroom(The event is never small)The social pages say I’ve gotThe biggest balls of allOh I’ve got big ballsI’ve got big ballsAnd they’re such big ballsDirty big ballsAnd he’s got big ballsAnd she’s got big ballsBut we’ve got the biggest balls of them […]

Rock 'N' Roll Singer

My Daddy was workin’ nine to fiveWhen my Momma was havin’ meBy the time I was half aliveThey knew what I was gonna beI left school and grew my hairThey didn’t understandThey wanted me to be respected asA doctor or a lawyer man(But I had other plans)Gonna be a rock ‘n’ roll singerGonna be a […]

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

If your havin’ trouble with your high school headHe’s givin’ you the bluesYou wanna graduate but not in ‘is bedHere’s what you gotta do –Pick up the phoneI’m here aloneCall me any time36 24 36 (slaver)I lead a life of crimeDirty Deeds Done Dirt CheaprepeatrepeatrepeatYour havin’ problems in your life of loveYou got a broken […]

Can I Set Next To You Girl

I met this girl for the first time on Saturday nightStanding in the queue at the Odeon alrightOh I took her by surpriseWhen I gave her one of my linesShe started smiling at me real fine (ha ha)That’s when I said Can I sit next to you, girlCan I sit next to you, girlCan I […]


See me ride out of the sunsetOn your colour TV screenOut for all that I can getIf you know what I meanWomen to the left of meAnd women to the rightAin’t got no gunAin’t got no knifeBut don’t you start no fight CHORUS:‘Cause I’m T.N.T. I’m dynamiteT.N.T. and I’ll win the fightT.N.T. I’m a power […]

Live Wire

Well if you’re lookin’ for troubleI’m the man to seeIf you’re lookin’ for satisfactionI’m satisfaction guaranteedI’m as cool as a body on iceOr hotter than a rollin’ diceSend you to heavenTake you to hellI ain’t foolin’Can’t you tellI’m a live wireGonna set this town on fireWell if you need some lovin’And if you need some […]

high Voltage

You ask me ’bout the clothes I wearAnd you ask me why I grow my hairAnd you ask me why I’m in a bandI dig doin’ one night standsYou wanna see me do my thingAll you gotta do is plug me into highI said highHigh voltage rock ‘n’ rollYou ask me why I like to […]